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Austrian Power Grid to Use Aibotix Flight Robots

Matt Ball on August 29, 2013 - in Corporate, Energy, Maintenance

aibotixThe Austrian Transmissions System Operator Austrian Power Grid (APG) and the Aibotix GmbH signed a strategic cooperation agreement. The contract covers the relationship between the companies in regard to research and development of the application of the copter platform and its use for inspection purposes of APG. In the future, inspections shall be carried out by the intelligent flight platform, the Aibot X6. The cooperation with APG is an important milestone for Aibotix with regard to the development of potential benefits in the sector of the inspection of power-lines. The advanced hardware and software architecture as well as the easy handling and high degree of robustness of the Aibot copter convinced APG in the move to invest development funds in Aibotix.

The Inspection of overhead power lines is one of the key tasks of APG. As part of this inspection procedure cost intensive procedures such as industrial climbers or helicopters are used. Thru the partnership with Aibotix, APG will gain tremendous benefits in comparison to conventional methods. This includes quality enhancements, the reduction of inspection and power deactivation times as well as increased safety of inspection personal during the inspection.

High-definition picture and video material, additional perspectives as well as thermographic application thru the use of thermal imaging cameras are set to increase the identification rate of dysfunctions tremendously. The Aibotx X6 can be equipped with several sensors including picture and video systems and enables very precise pictures out of perspectives inaccessible up to now. The especially ultra-light reinforced carbon polymer frame provides the hexacopter with outstanding flight features and stability. Therefore the Aibot X6 is perfectly suited for the applications of APG.

“In the Aibot X6 we see an innovative product with a high value potential for our business segment. The implementation of the concept of development will not only enhance the inspection of overhead power lines but it is also a giant leap in the assurance of the civil power supply. The partnership with Aibotix is an important strategic building block in our service portfolio.” Said Paul Zachoval operations coordinator of Austrian Power Grid AG.

Dr. Herbert Machill the CEO of the Aibotix GmbH explains:” The aim of the cooperation is to boost research and development of the system massively in order to acquire entirely new usage potentials thru the deployment of the copter in this industry segment. The professional expertise of APG plays an important role in developing application solutions in this segment.”

About Aibotix GmbH
The “AI” in Aibotix stands for artificial intelligence and the “X” derives from robotics. The founding year of the company is 2010. Aibotix produces high quality intelligent multi-copters which stand out thru their ease in use and high degree of automation. They may be equipped with diverse cameras and sensors in order to be programmed for individual and special assignments. The copter can be applied to numerous areas of industry including the inspection of industrial facilities, wind-turbines or overhead power lines. Aibotix was found by a team of experienced entrepreneurs, who have worked together in the field of picture processing, sensors and robotics for a long time.

About Austrian Power Grid AG
Austrian Power Grid AG is the independent transmission system operator in Austria they are responsible for the transmission system network and high-voltage level. In close cooperation with the network operators of their European neighbors APG supervises, coordinates and controls the cross-border power transport. Additionally thru participation in the ENTSO-E (European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity) they ensure a long term and sustainable power supply in europe. Their key tasks include the safe operation and ongoing maintance of their systems.

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