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Orbis Celebrates 20 Years of Providing Technological Innovation for the Land Asset Management Industry

Parul Dubey on August 12, 2020 - in Corporate, News

Charlotte, NC: About two decades ago, as investors began to recognize U.S. timberland as an asset class, two natural resource experts and one seasoned business leader saw an opportunity to advance the land asset management industry and started Orbis, Inc. The company, which is celebrating 20 years of innovation, offers multiple services that help land asset managers and investors simplify the process of acquiring and managing large land holdings. Orbis’ proprietary technology services played a large role in how the industry operates today.

To celebrate two decades of innovation, Orbis has evolved its brand with a new logo and website. The updated Orbis branding reflects the ongoing technological advancements that the company brings to the industry through its benchmark GIS (geographic information system) technology services, recreational land licensing management services (RLMS) and land investment technical analysis services (LITAS).

Orbis began in 2000 when Russell Combs, Jr., Clarence Neese, Jr., and Charles Gallo saw the impact that integrating technology and GIS services could have on the natural resources/forestry industry. Orbis was staffed by Combs and Neese and guided by Gallo at the start, but as they helped clients develop solutions the company grew and expanded its services thanks to strong relationship building and a stellar reputation.

“Orbis has thrived because our people understand forestry and everything that goes along with it,” says Russell Combs, Jr., Co-Founder and President, Orbis, Inc. “We are industry veterans who are willing to adapt and embrace technology adoption. We wanted to build a quality company, and I am proud to say we have succeeded.”

The company originally focused on data editing and conversion work since clients had limited resources for data collection and analysis at the time. Once Orbis created a solution to help its clients manage data, the company’s client list grew and its services evolved.

“Listening to what the clients’ needs and pain points were, then creating and providing solid solutions to help them solve those problems, has allowed us to grow and innovate year after year,” said Charles Gallo, Chief Financial Officer at Orbis, Inc.  “I don’t see us slowing down anytime soon.”

RLMS was launched in 2005, LITAS in 2006 and the RMLS Administration team was formed in 2012. The game-changing cloud-based Forest Information Portal (FIP) came online in 2008. Atlas Land Records was introduced in 2016, and Property Tax Management services became operational in 2017.

In its history, Orbis has managed 10.5 million hunting licenses and leases worth more than $100 million through RLMS and assessed more than 9.5 million acres of land through LITAS. Plus, Orbis Property Tax Management has identified tax discrepancies and saved clients more than $1.2 million.

“As Orbis continues its success, we wanted our new logo and website to reflect our vision for our next 20 years of innovation,” says Clarence Neese, Jr., Co-Founder and Vice President, Orbis, Inc. “When we started the company, our focus had been on bringing technology and people together, and that is at the core of every service we provide. As the world continues to change, we remain committed to evolving for our customers.”

This commitment to innovation and customer service continues with the company’s 20th year, as new services like LITAS Boost and ONEConnect, an e-commerce payment platform, have launched. More services are scheduled to roll out in 2020 and into next year. For more information on Orbis, visit https://orbisinc.com/.


About Orbis

Orbis, Inc., based in Charlotte, North Carolina, provides technological solutions that helps land asset managers and investors simplify the process of acquiring and managing large land holdings. For more than 20 years, Orbis has identified and created custom solutions to solve challenges surrounding land transactions and management with a unique mix of trusted, groundbreaking technologies and personalized support. Along the way, Orbis developed a diverse suite of solutions and services, all built to solve specific problems for the natural resource management industry. Visit the website https://orbisinc.com/ for more details.


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