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Specification Section: 2020 Stormwater Products and Technology Guide

Parul Dubey on August 6, 2020 - in specification section, Stormwater Products and Technology

Stormwater conditions can vary tremendously, depending on the size of the area, surrounding terrain, volume of water involved and many additional factors. This brief listing is meant to showcase products and technology used and specified by civil and structural engineers. If your company should have been included, let us know at [email protected] or [email protected], and we’ll add it online.

Best Management Products, Inc.

Since 1999, more than 80,000 BMP SNOUT hoods have been put in service to help communities comply with stormwater quality regulations. This system reduces trash, floatables, oil and sediment from stormwater discharges. It is also a high-performance pre-treatment option for water harvesting, stormwater retention and recharge systems.

BMP’s accessories such as the Bio-Skirt, the Stainless TrashScree and our new Turbo Plates add flexibility and extra cleaning power. The most popular option for the SNOUT is the Bio-Skirt, which increases hydrocarbon removals including emulsified oils and PAHs. The Stainless TrashScreen is an accessory that helps to meet Full Trash Capture requirements for Trash TMDLs.

Our Turbo Plates reduce turbulence and velocity in the structure and greatly increase sediment capture and retention. Design information, CAD drawings and pricing can be found at bmpinc.com or call 800-504-8008 for assistance. All products are proudly made in the USA.

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Bentley Systems – OpenFlows StormCAD

OpenFlows StormCAD is Bentley Systems’ comprehensive modeling software for the design and analysis of storm sewer development projects. The software offers roadway and site designers, stormwater master planners, and land developers a lifecycle approach to high-quality design, from rainfall to outlet, with advanced capabilities that effectively minimize capital investments. Project teams can leverage and import virtually any external data format to jumpstart and manipulate model data, with the ability to use a multitude of data entry and modeling editing capabilities. OpenFlows StormCAD recommends the most cost-effective pipe sizes and invert elevations, avoiding unnecessary pipe trench excavation, while meeting design restrictions. Project teams can easily share modeling information in many formats, including native use within MicroStation for use in any engineering, operations, maintenance or GIS workflow.

For additional information, visit www.bentley.com/StormCAD.

Joel Johnson

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CivilGEO, Inc.

CivilGEO develops civil engineering and stormwater software that greatly speeds up an engineer’s work. Flood studies, bridge design, dam failure, detention pond design, urban drainage and more can be analyzed and designed. Users typically save at least 50% of their engineering time using the advanced automation that the software provides. The software tightly integrates with Autodesk Civil 3D, Bentley MicroStation, as well as ESRI’s ArcGIS and ArcMap. Free demonstration versions are available for trial.

Sara Presta

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Contech Engineered Solutions LLC

Stormwater management is becoming ever more complex as regulations get stricter with each permit cycle. It’s no longer enough to simply move water away from a site—we are now often required to retain and treat it.

To succeed in this rapidly changing environment, you need a partner to help you navigate the complexities of local, state and federal regulations—who is responsive to your requests and provides innovative solutions that save your clients money and accelerate the design process.

In addition to stormwater expertise, Contech Engineered Solutions offers a wide range of innovative, flexible product solutions engineered to solve your site’s unique challenges and reduce long-term maintenance costs.

For more information on Contech’s product portfolio, including bridges, drainage, sanitary sewer and stormwater management solutions, visit www.ContechES.com or telephone 800-338-1122.

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East Coast Erosion Control

East Coast Erosion is a leading manufacturer of erosion blankets and turf reinforcement mats. Our main values are quality products and excellent service. We carry a full line of products, including temporary blankets, permanent blankets (TRMs) and sediment devices.

The revolutionary T-Recs is our HPTRM that delivers permanent stability to stormwater channels and stormwater control structures, such as levees. With great flexibility and material profile, installation is an ease. Our multiple facilities and international distribution allow us to quickly provide product when needed.

Diane Hitt

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Nedia Enterprises, Inc.

Nedia offers a complete line of erosion control, sediment control, and bioengineering products made primarily from natural fibers. We provide innovative quality products and excellent service to our customers in the erosion control and bioengineering industry. We focus primarily on those products made from natural fibers such as coir, jute and straw. We believe that the proper use of our erosion control products will contribute to improved environmental function and encourage widespread use of innovative and vegetation-friendly bioengineering techniques. 

Product – KoirWrap

KoirWrap is a double-layered biodegradable erosion control fabric made up of an outer layer of high-strength continuously woven coir matting and an inner layer of lightweight jute fabric connected together at regular intervals.

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Oldcastle Infrastructure

Oldcastle Infrastructure stormwater encompasses a team of experienced stormwater management professionals specializing in developing solutions to meet the ever-changing regulations that protect our environment. We engineer and manufacture underground stormwater storage, treatment and Low-Impact Development systems as well as rainwater harvesting and conveyance solutions to meet the needs of any regulatory environment at our 50-plus company-owned plants located across the country.

Our stormwater retention systems provide site-specific designs to comply with the EPA’s recommendations for mitigating the effects of stormwater runoff. Our stormwater treatment devices assist in meeting jurisdiction stormwater requirements. From the start of construction to the completion of any project, Oldcastle Stormwater offers a comprehensive approach to meet your total stormwater management needs.

Brent Neubauer

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 Plastic Solutions-StormRAX

Plastic Solutions supplies high-quality, industry-leading trash racks, and also sells HDPE pipe, HDPE fittings, PVC pipe, plastic catch and drain basins, and plastic sheet goods. We have certified shop and field welders to ensure all requirements are met.

Customer satisfaction and dedication built this company, and this is what drives us. We are committed to designing environmentally friendly products for a cleaner tomorrow. Our helpful and knowledgeable staff will work hard to get you the right products for your projects.

Plastic Solutions has many distributors of private and commercial products available nationwide to help you complete your project faster, saving you time and money. For example, our line of fiberglass-reinforced, UV-stabilized HDPE trash racks will never rust, are a fraction of the weight of re-bar trash racks, easier to install and are covered by a limited one year warranty.

Call us today and let our expert staff help solve your storm water management needs.

Jonathan Larrick

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Presto Geosystems’ GEOPAVE gravel porous pavers were utilized for parking and walkways with other environmental and sustainable products at a Wisconsin nature preserve, The Ridges Sanctuary, in their pursuit for USGBC LEED Platinum rating.

Protecting Lake Michigan’s watershed was a primary concern at this facility’s location adjacent to the lake’s western shores. The porous pavements were an important part of the overall plan to protect the waters against the negative effects of stormwater runoff on water quality. The GEOPAVE system, infilled with highly porous stone, allows water infiltration and acts as a natural, onsite stormwater retention system, storing stormwater in its aggregate base after rain events and allowing for natural percolation. GEOPAVE pavements are designed to accept every-day traffic from cars, trucks and emergency vehicles.

Katie Bocskor

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Profile Products

Based in Buffalo Grove, Ill., Profile Products manufactures and distributes proven erosion control solutions that enhance the natural environment. As the world’s largest manufacturer of hydraulically applied erosion control products, it’s our mission to elevate the excellence of the industry through advanced technologies, onsite consultation, educational seminars, and online tools and resources.

For the ultimate hydraulic solution for erosion control and vegetative establishment, turn to the ProFlex System. You get the best of both worlds: ProGanics Biotic Soil Media (BSM) and Flexterra High Performance-Flexible Growth Medium (HP-FGM)—the highest-performing engineered solutions in their class. Bring depleted soils back to life with a natural, sustainable and cost-efficient growing medium. Then achieve 99.9% erosion control with Flexterra’s 100% biodegradable interlocking fibers. Put the ultimate solution to work on your next project.

Adam Dibble

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America’s leader in trash trap technologies, our Bandalong Litter Trap and StormX products are proven solutions for your stormwater management for removal of litter and debris from your waterways. The Bandalong Litter Trap captures litter in waterways or channels by using the current to guide debris into the trap. This trash trap technology continuously operates 24/7/365 days a year without any mechanical assistance and no interference with wildlife. With over 250 installations worldwide, the Bandalong is a cost-effective solution for floatables control. The StormX end-of-pipe netting system is engineered to capture gross pollutants and handle powerful stormwater runoff at most urban hotspots. Contact us for custom design solutions to trash in your waterways.

Gary Hopkins

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Triton Stormwater Solutions 

Triton Stormwater Solutions has a family of underground stormwater products to meet the ever-increasing demands and regulation of stormwater. Whether the project has a tight footprint, a depth issue, calls for water treatment or strives for a cost-effective solution, Triton SWS has a product to meet the need. 

M6/C10 products are perfect for sites with a high water table. S29 Chambers are 2x stronger than other chamber systems. The Vault System can maximize storage in a smaller footprint while eliminating 70% of stone cost—along with cost reductions in excavation, labor and haul away. 

Working with our global partners to provide personalized engineering excellence matched with superior customer service, we give contractors and developers turnkey simplicity through all phases of the project.

Want to save money on your next project? Contact us today!

Michael Carlson

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AbTech Industries

AbTech’s Ultra-Urban Filter TSS is an innovative long-term catch-basin solution for stormwater contamination.


• 20-year warranty

• NJCAT verified

• All stainless steel

Learn more at our webinar series at abtechindustries.com, or contact us at [email protected].

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ACF Environmental

ShearForce 10

Rip Rap can be expensive and difficult to install in tight areas. ShearForce 10 is a new erosion control mat technology that provides the same benefits of RipRap, at ½ the cost and in a more aesthetically pleasing manner. Created as a two-part system, ShearForce 10’s hybrid turf slows water flow and eliminates erosion while its geotextile backing holds the seed and soil in place as vegetation is established.

Unlike traditional TRMs, ShearForce 10 provides immediate protection from erosion following installation (no machinery required). Once installed, the turf is virtually maintenance free, and can be mowed over. Common applications for this new erosion control product include high-flow drainage channels, outfalls, slopes and more. For more information, please reach out to our team!

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Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc.

HP Storm is a high-performance polypropylene pipe for gravity-flow storm drainage applications.

HP Storm is the perfect choice when premium joint performance and/or greater pipe stiffness is required. HP Storm couples advanced polypropylene resin technology with a proven, dual-wall profile design for superior performance and durability. The smooth interior wall offers additional strength as well as superior flow. HP Storm has an extended bell that adds an additional factor of safety within each joint. This innovative product meets or exceeds typical standards for pipe stiffness and joint integrity, and meets ASTM F2881 and AASHTO M330 for the respective diameters. HP Storm pipe is approved for use by the Army Corps of Engineers, FAA and AREMA. For more information, visit our website at www.ads-pipe.com.

Tori Durliat

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American Concrete Pipe Association

The American Concrete Pipe Association is the spokesperson for the concrete pipe industry in all matters affecting the industry’s welfare.

Throughout the 20th century, the concrete pipe industry has experienced tremendous growth. As more and more people moved from farms to cities, it created increased demand for concrete sewer and drainage products. The introduction of the automobile and subsequent highway development extended the uses of concrete pipe storm drains and culverts. There are currently more than 400 plants operated by ACPA members in the United States and Canada. More than 40 countries are represented in the membership of the American Concrete Pipe Association.

ACPA members contribute to the improvement of our environment by producing quality concrete pipe, engineered to provide a lasting and economical solution to drainage and pollution problems.

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American Excelsior

American Excelsior is a manufacturer of erosion and sediment control products with manufacturing locations and distribution partners all across the United States, making products and personal assistance always close to you or your jobsite.

Products include Curlex Excelsior ECBs, Recyclex TRMs made from recycled soda bottles, Sediment Logs, Bindex hydraulic mulch products, Curlex Bloc for shoreline and water filtration applications, the new TriNet family of heavy-duty TRMs, and a variety of straw and straw/coconut products.

American Excelsior also offers a free erosion design software, which is available by visiting www.curlex.com or calling 800-777-SOIL.

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Infrastructure projects can be complex and involve teams from multiple disciplines. To deliver projects more effectively, civil engineers need to perform their work more efficiently, and have more integrated teams and workflows that support multi-disciplinary users. Autodesk solutions help civil design and engineering professionals design with deeper insights, more seamlessly collaborate, and deliver more sustainable and resilient transportation, site, and water infrastructure.

The Autodesk Architecture, Engineering & Construction Collection delivers industry-leading BIM and CAD tools so you can conceptualize and optimize your designs, adopt more integrated workflows, and coordinate from design to construction.

Make better design decisions, streamline team coordination, and keep constructability top of mind with Autodesk.

Federico Contarini

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Bio Clean, Comprehensive
Stormwater Solutions

Bio Clean has been serving the stormwater community since 1999, and every day we work with our customers to solve unique design and regulatory challenges, across North America. Our stormwater solutions range from trash capture devices, including the newly launched Bio Clean ARS and CPS, to our industry-leading biofiltration and underground storage systems. Recent digital offerings aim to keep engineers connected and informed, with online lunch and learn presentations, a stormwater webinar series, and concise on-demand product presentation videos.

Visit our website to search and download our new Technical Downloads page or contact us today for a private online lunch and learn presentation with regionally focused insight from your local stormwater adviser.

Visit biocleanenvironmental.com or call 855-566-3938.

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Campbell Scientific

Since 1974, Campbell Scientific has been a global leader in providing data acquisitions systems for use in the most rugged environments on earth. Each product designed and manufactured by Campbell Scientific is done so to provide accurate, reliable data for those working to improve critical infrastructure needs. With a full complement of sensors, data acquisitions systems, communications and software solutions, Campbell Scientific supports many infrastructure applications, including stormwater, construction, structural health, dams, bridges and many more.

Campbell Scientific has been selected to provide monitoring systems for projects across the world because of their reputation in accuracy, reliability and support. Notable projects include Confederation Bridge, Canada; Macau Bridge, Hong Kong; Mosul Dam, Iraq; Eiffel Tower, France; and Lakhta Center Tower, Russia.

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Clear Creek Solutions

Clear Creek Solutions provides stormwater modeling services and software including WWHM-SWMM, our combined EPA HSPF and SWMM package for long-term continuous simulation modeling and design of stormwater systems and facilities. Easy-to-use drop-and-place elements include stormwater ponds, vaults, tanks and LID features, including bioretention, porous pavement and green roofs. Commercial products by Contech, ADS, Oldcastle, Forterra, Cultec, Brentwood and Torrent are also included. The user can quickly build models from a single LID up to an entire watershed study area in hours instead of days. Our consulting services include sizing stormwater facilities for clients, analyzing flooding problems and providing the best solution for every water-related problem. If you can describe it, we can model it.

Joe Brascher

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Cretex Specialty Products

PRO-RING is the most-advanced concrete-alternative manhole and catch basin grade adjustment system available anywhere. Available in round, square and rectangular, these rings are manufactured from Expanded Polypropylene (EPP), which is renowned for its exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, durability, chemical resistance and long service life under harsh conditions. One man can install the PRO-RING system in just minutes to within a quarter inch of finished grade, and they are watertight. Where concrete rings break and may cause injury, the PRO-RING system eliminates the hazard, helping minimize the risk of injury. A 6” PRO-RING weighs just 14 pounds and stands up to all kinds of physical abuse. The PRO-RING system dramatically speeds manhole installation and repair time. Manhole repair sites can be opened, repaired and closed in one day, reducing overall costs from 20% to 30%, based on conditions.

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Steerable Pipe Ranger II 

The CUES Steerable Pipe Ranger II is a versatile robotic camera transporter designed to traverse silt, mud and debris commonly found in storm and sanitary sewers. The SPR II is designed with single-point wheel removal to facilitate speedy configuration changes for various pipe diameters and conditions. Optional high-traction tires are available for extreme slippery conditions. The unit is designed to operate with all CUES inspection systems with up to 2,000 feet of single-conductor or multi-conductor cable to inspect 7-inch- through 72-inch-diameter pipe. Contact CUES for a free demo.

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Stormwater chambers are our specialty. As the founder of plastic chamber technology, CULTEC manufactured the first stormwater chamber and has installations dating back over 30 years. Our expertise lies in the innovation and evolution of chamber systems. We are equipped to solve even the most challenging assignments with sizes ranging from 8.5” to 48” high, capable of accommodating both extreme low-profile limitations as well as high-volume demands. Our unique in-line manifold feature is just one example of how CULTEC strives to be cost-effective while saving on material and installation costs. In addition, we offer exceptional design services performed by stormwater chamber specialists. Find out why CULTEC’s Contactor and Recharger Plastic Chambers are the fastest-growing names in the stormwater management and septic industries. Contact CULTEC today to discuss your development requirements.

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Vegetated Environmental Solutions

Designed for nature … Engineered for life. Envirolok’s patented tan bag technology provides permanent vegetated solutions by combining the engineered strength of soil with the principles of plant ecology.

Our non-woven geotextile bags permanently encapsulate soil for maximized stability.

Further reinforcement is achieved through the specialized connecting spikes. For more complex projects, the system is easily compatible with geogrid and other anchoring systems.

Envirolok is simple, no extensive footings or engineered backfill. Minimal excavation allows easy construction with minimal impact to the land. 

Simply install and add vegetation for permanent solution to stabilization of slopes, streambanks, shorelines, stormwater channels and more.

Eric Seidl, LEED-AP

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During a major rain or tidal event, the water pressure can be powerful enough to force up and dislodge a manhole cover. This creates a hazard for both motorists and pedestrians. The STORMSURGE Access Assembly solves this problem by allowing water to flow. During a storm surge or backflow event, the cover can lift up to 16°, enabling water to flow out and relieve the pressure. The locking arm and hinge restrain the cover and allow it to properly seat itself after the event. Made in the USA, it is traffic rated and exceeds the 40,000-lb proof loading requirements of AASHTO-M-306.

Joe Lazzati

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Location influences all aspects of managing water–from protecting a sustainable water supply to delivering safe, clean drinking water. Advanced mapping and spatial analytics reveal deeper insight into relationships and patterns, answer complex questions, and help users make informed decisions in both the office and the field. Empower your organization with the world’s most powerful mapping and analytics software: Esri’s ArcGIS. Standardize and improve daily processes between the office and the field. Share information with anyone, anywhere, anytime. Improve decision making. ArcGIS can transform your business, increasing efficiencies and saving money.

Christa Campbell

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909-793-2853 x2925


Fabco Industries

Fabco is recognized as an industry leader in the design, manufacture and application of engineered stormwater treatment systems. We practice a philosophy of continuous product innovation, research and development.

Our goal is to provide innovative technology and products that result in cleaner water for all. We work closely with clients and stormwater professionals as partners to design and implement the most effective solutions to achieve this goal.

We are strongly committed to enhancing the function of existing drainage infrastructure while significantly reducing the cost and complexity of implementing advanced stormwater pollution controls.

John Markee

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Filtrexx is the leader in sustainable BMPs for construction and post-construction applications such as erosion and sediment control, construction site barriers, stormwater management, pollutant removal, low-impact development, green infrastructure, and living walls.

Filtrexx products and services are used in a variety of industries including commercial construction and demolition, homebuilding, oil and gas, pipelines, power and utility, solar and wind, municipalities, DOT highway and road, environmental remediation, industrial/manufacturing, and agriculture.

Filtrexx SiltSoxx compost filter socks are in compliance with most state and federal agencies, including USEPA, AASHTO, USDA NRCS and US ACE.

Visit www.filtrexx.com for free design and installation specifications, CADs, submittal forms, and webinar training.

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Synthetic Sediment Control Wattles are durable, lightweight and survive tires and tracks. Made from UV-resistant monofilament geotextile and stuffed with recycled polyethylene foam, a 6-inch x 25-foot wattle weighs only 10 pounds, including installation nails provided. Best of all, the apron, covered with 1 inch of dirt, minimizes underflow washouts and blowouts common to fiber rolls and silt fence. Our 98% effective wattles are quick to install, can be repositioned as needed and taken to the next job. Sand-filled Weighted Wattles, Gutter Wattles and Drain Wattles are placed on concrete and asphalt to keep dirt out of the drain. Curb Cutout Protectors keep trash out of storm drain overflows. Our foam logs and foam sticks are used in making containment perimeters.

Lance Jensen

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Geo Products

For over 30 years, the EnviroGrid Geocell has been the solution for soil stabilization, slope and channel protection, and retaining wall needs. EnviroGrid is manufactured in the USA within an ISO 9001:2015 facility using 100% virgin HDPE resin. As an industry leader with projects worldwide, Geo Products is committed to providing innovative and cost-effective products in order to supply leading-edge solutions to any project. Our goal is to provide superior quality material and specific project design development assistance. Contact us for a quote or design assistance.

Austin Bear

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GeoTree Solutions

GeoTree Solutions (GeoTree), a ClockSpring|NRI company, offers a wide range of highly engineered solutions designed to repair, protect, strengthen and rehabilitate critical infrastructure assets spanning industrial and civil infrastructure markets.

Concrete Cloth GCCMGeoTree’s Concrete Cloth geosynthetic cementitious composite mat (GCCM) is a proven construction material that is used in ditch lining, slope stabilization, bridge abutments, and culvert invert protection.

Engineered in roll form, Concrete Cloth GCCM is a three-dimensional, flexible, concrete-impregnated fabric that hardens on hydration to form a thin, waterproof and fire-resistant concrete layer.

Concrete Cloth GCCM can be installed in rainy and other wet conditions, virtually eliminating rescheduling due to weather, and it has a low alkaline reserve and a low wash rate for a minimal ecological impact.

John Hepfinger

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Hanes Geo Components

TerraTex Geotextiles, erosion and sediment control materials, and related stormwater management products are supplied by Hanes Geo Components.

Hanes Geo is proud to be marketing the Triton Stormwater Solutions’ line of underground stormwater chambers and “vaults.” The Triton arched chambers are manufactured using an eco-friendly polymer that provides superior compressive strength. This high strength allows for arched chambers with more volume capacity. Triton’s new vault system also provides more storage space than other systems. The vault system can use 70% less stone and provide 90% storage efficiency.

Throughout the United States and Canada, Hanes Geo provides a broad range of stormwater storage systems.

With more than 45 locations, we serve the specifier, contractor, developer and owner. Please let us help you with your next project.

Dave Snyder

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HydroCAD Software Solutions

HydroCAD Stormwater Modeling provides easy TR-20, TR-55, SBUH and Rational hydrology, plus TC calculations, pond storage, outlet hydraulics, pump routing, underground storage, pollutant loading and more. Version 10.1 adds many new features, including multi-level undo, sloped grates, channel outlets, computer-controlled outlet devices, automatic pond overflow, rainfall trimming, enhanced reporting and a constantly expanding chamber library. Interactive graphical environment is fast and intuitive, producing better results in less time on every project. For details, visit www.hydrocad.net.

Robyn Piper

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Rooftops are one of the last areas of the development site where highly effective stormwater management BMPs can be employed to deal with rainfall where it lands. Hydrotech leads the rooftop effort by offering a wide variety of assemblies to handle ever increasing amounts of stormwater.

Dennis Yanez

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Choose confidence over complexity with remarkably accurate models of floodplains, constructed sewer and stormwater networks.

Remove all doubt from your plans with a unified model that contains notable elements in both natural and constructed channels. Trusted by cities and engineering consultants around the world, InfoWorks ICM leads the way in improving the performance of flood control, stormwater, and sewer systems.

Imagine having an accurate digital representation of the natural and constructed elements impacting your sanitary sewer, stormwater, or combined sewer network. With InfoWorks ICM, there’s nothing holding you back.

Now you can confidently manage your city’s infrastructure knowing that water is kept clean, fines are avoided and flood risks are mitigated.

Learn more at www.innovyze.com.

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Invisible Structures

Since 1982, Invisible Structures has been pioneering stormwater solutions. Thousands of customers have relied on us to achieve a variety of objectives, from stormwater management to fire lanes to creating greenspace in lieu of concrete and asphalt. All of our products are made in the USA from 100% recycled plastic and are ADA compliant.

We offer grass and gravel porous paving, stormwater storage, erosion control systems, portable boardwalk systems and drainage systems. Our product line includes Grasspave2, Gravelpave2, Rainstore3, Slopetame3, Draincore2 and Beachrings2. We are committed to offering the strongest, most reliable products to sustain and enhance the environment.

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JRM Chemical

For over 30 years, JRM has supplied the stormwater and erosion industry with linear and crosslinked polymers.

The linear polymers, which are available in powders, emulsions and tablets, floc water and reduce the turbidity of stormwater runoff. The anionic polymers comply and are certified NSF International ANSI/NSF standard 60. In erosion control, they can be used to tack hydromulch and for slope stabilization. Crosslinked polymers hold moisture and are used with new tree and ground cover plantings. They are designed to reduce plant waterings by 50% and last 3-5 years in the soil. Over five grade sizes and types for all aspects of the landscape industry. Full line of mycorrhizal and biological products for plantings

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J.W. Faircloth & Son, Inc.

The Faircloth Skimmer surface drain floats on the surface of the sediment basin as it fills and drains, releasing the cleanest water near the surface instead of draining muddy water from the bottom of the basin as conventional outlets do. The skimmer drains the basin slowly over several days at a constant rate to maximize settling. The adjustable orifice regulates the filling and drawdown of the basin and improves efficiency. Check out www.FairclothSkimmer.com for additional information, including cut sheets, a sizing template, detailed installation instructions and pictures.

Joe Cooley

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Muscle Wall

Muscle Wall’s mission is to provide reliable and cost-effective protection for the customer, community and environment. By bringing a more sustainable, temporary or semi-permanent, stormwater and flood control solution to an ever-changing climate, we help our customers be proactive in mitigating their risks. Muscle Wall is an engineered, mobile, and cost-effective retaining solution. The system ranges in heights from 6 inches to 8 feet with all heights designed to be mobile by manpower alone. The Muscle Wall system has been tried and recently tested by the USACE. Visit www.musclewall.com for more information or call 435-213-9253 to connect with a Muscle Wall team member. Contact Tyler below for technical support, questions, or to discuss scheduling a formal L&L/webinar.

Tyler Searle

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National Corrugated Steel Pipe Association

The NCSPA strives to promote sound public policy and education relating to the use of corrugated steel drainage systems in private and public construction. We collect and distribute technical information; assist public and private agencies in the formulation of specifications and designs; encourage greater knowledge of corrugated steel pipe’s benefits and uses among college engineering students; and conduct seminars to increase awareness of the product and its application among specifiers. Our member fabricating companies are estimated to produce nearly 90% of all domestic pipe production. Associate members include mill producers, coaters and suppliers of products and services to the industry.

The 100-year service life of CSP, along with the industry’s highest recycle content, positions steel as the best choice for engineers, specifiers and contractors.

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National Precast Concrete Association

The National Precast Concrete Association is an international trade association representing more than 900 manufacturers and suppliers in the precast concrete industry. NPCA member companies manufacture products that create and rebuild infrastructure, protect the environment and offer modularity, customization and infinite creative design possibilities across all sectors of the construction industry. You can learn more at precast.org, and NPCA members can be found online at precast.org/find.



North American Green

North American Green develops, produces and distributes a complete line of high-quality erosion and sediment control systems to meet the specific erosion control, sediment control, scour protection and/or vegetation reinforcement needs of nearly any application. Our integrated erosion control solutions offer multiple options for protecting high-scour areas, topsoil, construction perimeters, stormwater runoff, sediment migration and more. North American Green also provides value-added services that include design software, site evaluation and installation guidance. In addition, North American Green’s Ultimate Assurance Guarantee is the most comprehensive product-performance guarantee in the industry.

Jill Pack

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Pennington Seed

Pennington Seed, well-known grass seed producer in both consumer and commercial marketplaces, offers a full line of grass seed products specially designed to meet specific needs for native reclamation and restoration of sensitive, erodible soils. Our regional seed blends produce natural and appropriate preservation of soil for a variety of project use cases. The Slopemaster products, for example, establish quickly, produce extensive root systems, and require little follow-up maintenance. We also offer erosion control products such as silt fences, erosion control blankets, channel liners, hydro mulches and tackifiers.

Russell Chambless

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The Plastics Pipe Institute

The Drainage Division of the Plastics Pipe Institute Inc. (PPI) provides drainage and stormwater systems management solutions.

Corrugated plastic pipe is one of most chemically inert drainage products available, making it highly resistant to corrosive gases and chemicals. It does not rust and is highly resistant to abrasion. A service life of 100 years can be expected in typical drainage applications.

Years of extensive research by AASHTO and various state DOTs have validated the performance of corrugated plastic pipe under difficult loading conditions. Corrugated plastic pipes are designed to interact with the surrounding soils and carry HL-93 live loads with just 12 inches of cover in most cases.

A new drainage handbook is available free to download at the PPI Drainage Division’s website: https://plasticpipe.org/drainage/handbook.html.

Daniel Currence, P.E.

[email protected]



Porous Technologies

Porous Technologies, LLC is a stormwater solutions company specializing in modular precast concrete products, including Stormcrete precast porous concrete panels and slabs. Stormcrete precast porous concrete systems are designed for placement at street gutters, parking spaces, walkways and alleyway applications. For further information about Stormcrete, please visit our website at www.stormcrete.com.

William Harris

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HydroStorStormwater Chambers

Prinsco’s high-performance chambers are a premium solution for stormwater storage that requires maximum infiltration and groundwater recharge. The HS180 stores 180 cubic feet, and the HS75 stores 75 cubic feet, creating systems that can be customized to the unique needs of each project.

• High-performance polypropylene

• Meets or exceeds ASTM F2418  ASTM F2787

• Meets AASHTO H20 and HL93 load requirements

• Injection molded for maximum structural performance

• Maximum land utilization and minimal environmental impact

• Integral connectors for simplified assembly

• Design tool available

• Available with end caps, pipe manifolds and pretreatment options

• Integrated handles for safe handling

• Sturdy and lightweight for easy placement

• Custom pallet for trouble-free handling

• Maximum stacking density

Mark Coleman, P.E.

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Proco Products

Proco Products, Inc. is the global leader in the design and supply of expansion joints for piping/ducting systems. Proco has prided themselves on offering the most complete line of products to suit a variety of applications. Some of these products include rubber and molded PTFE expansion joints, braided flexible hose assemblies and low-torque sealing gaskets. Also available from Proco Products, Inc. are the Series 700 ProFlex rubber duckbill check valves. These valves are commonly used in the water and sewage industry. Check valves are a cost-effective way to control back pressures from sewage treatment plants, outfalls and tidal operations. Proco’s main goal is to provide superior service to the demanding marketplace. Quality and service will always be Proco’s highest priority.

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Propex GeoSolutions is the leading authority on geosynthetic solutions for erosion control and earth stabilization of channel linings, canals and riverbanks, levees, and reservoirs. We offer a range of products featuring our patented X3 Fiber Technology that increases root mass development and provides vegetated, environmentally sustainable outcomes. Our team offers full-service engineering support, including customized project designs that meet application requirements for Erosion Control, Flood Protection, Slope Stabilization and Shoreline Restoration. As one of the largest Geosynthetic and Erosion Control manufacturers in the world, the Propex portfolio of solutions helps build and rebuild key infrastructure across the globe. Visit our website at www.propexglobal.com or contact us at 800-621-1273. 

Ben Campbell

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Redi-Rock International

Redi-Rock revolutionized the retaining wall industry in 2000 when it introduced large, wetcast, gravity blocks with interlocking knob and groove technology—think giant, one-ton Lego blocks. Not only did the walls look better with the texture of natural stone, but the machine-set blocks sped up installation compared to the existing offerings on the market. Since then, the scope of Redi-Rock’s product line has evolved into one integrated system of wall solutions. No matter what combination you choose from the family of products for the engineering behind your wall, or what face texture you choose for the appearance of the front of your wall, they all work together for a seamless, structurally sound solution.

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Rinker Materials

Delivering proven high-performance solutions, Rinker Materials stands ready to support your project needs with reinforced concrete pipe and box culverts designed for underground storage, stormwater conveyance and unique applications like limited cover or deep fills. With 60 years of experience and 30 facilities nationwide, Rinker Materials has the proven products and engineering to design and deliver your customized stormwater system. When municipalities need to collect, treat, store and release stormwater, they count on Rinker Materials.



Rymar Waterworks Innovations

Rymar Waterworks Innovations is the maker of The Marlee Float skimmer and Versa Wattle. The skimmer is constructed of HDPE, creating a virtually indestructible and low-maintenance surface drain suitable for temporary or permanent use. The skimmer is available in five models, each with multiple orifice configurations and all have third-party verified flow rates. The Versa Wattle is designed to be used on hard surfaces for inlet protection. It is foam filled and designed to trap sediment and stand up to repeated traffic. Visit our website, RymarWaterWorks.com, for easy-to-use design tools, detail and tutorials.

Jamie McCutchen, P.E.

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Silt-Saver, Inc.

Storm Drain Inlet Protection. The large frame is designed to protect the inlets in new construction sump conditions. Installs in minutes. The reusable Inlet protection dome saves you money in materials, maintenance and labor cost. The round frame, with a diameter of 60”, fits perfectly over the tapered edge of the precast inlet. Rock bags, built into the filter, provide the perimeter seal around the frame. The patented designs of the Silt-Saver Frame and Filter Assemblies are key elements in the BMP treatment train for job sites across the United States and in Canada and Puerto Rico. Available in Two Filter Options: DOT 2 Stage and High Flow.

Dave Goff

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Soil Retention Products

Drivable Grass, manufactured by Soil Retention, is a plantable, flexible and permeable concrete pavement system that is designed with an engineered polymer grid which allows flexibility and conformity to irregular ground surface contours along pre-defined linear grooves, while providing the intended structural support. This unique product, whether planted or non planted, is a solution for a variety of applications for soil stabilization. Drivable Grass is an ideal solution for erosion control protection when used in bio-swales, road shoulders, roadside swales, infiltration basins, small channels and ditches. Drivable Grass is a permanent hard armor system that provides a simple solution to linear projects.

Bill Ramsay

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Sprayroq develops and manufactures the only fast-curing structural and chemical-resistant polyurethane lining system, for the rehabilitation and protection of underground infrastructure, in the world.

Our trenchless technology solutions extend asset life through corrosion control, abrasion resistance and structural reinforcement. For more than two decades, Sprayroq has provided structural rehabilitation and corrosion protection for water, wastewater and stormwater infrastructure worldwide.

Our technology provides for a quick, cost-effective way to deliver the finest products available in a highly controlled environment for optimal results. Sprayroq products are fast-curing, allowing assets to be returned to service within minutes after lining application. Furthermore, our linings are formulated to withstand the most punishing environments while maintaining maximum effective service life. Our core product, SprayWall, with its incredible structural properties enhances the longevity of horizontal and vertical structures.

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StormTrap offers proven and leading-edge solutions for managing runoff, protecting waterways and improving the use of your property. We are committed to providing cost-effective, customized water management solutions to engineers, owners and municipalities across North America and abroad. Whether you are concerned about water quality, detention, infiltration or water harvesting, StormTrap has a design that will reduce your footprint, accommodate site constraints, lower overall costs and meet your specific project needs.  For further information on the complete line of StormTrap products—SingleTrap, DoubleTrap, ShallowTrap, SiteSave, TrashTrap and PumpGuard—please visit www.stormtrap.com.

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For almost seven decades, Strongwell has been addressing the corrosion needs of critical infrastructure through the use of Made in the USA composites. With three ISO-certified pultrusion facilities in the United States, Strongwell is a world leader in the pultruded composites industry in designing, manufacturing, and fabricating composites with low thermal expansion and contraction properties. Product lines include handrail, guardrail, grating, pedestrian decking, planking, stairs, baffles, structural members, structural odor control panels, sheet piling, stair treads, rods, fasteners, scaffolding, ladders, and ladder cage systems. Resin systems can also be certified to be NSF International and UL compliant. Visit www.strongwell.com to learn more or call 276-645-8000.

Barry Myers

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Module 20 Series

The new StormTank Module 20 Series is the latest addition to StormTank’s portfolio of subsurface stormwater storage units. The Module 20 Series was designed to help project professionals achieve lower project costs and quicker turnaround, while still meeting site-specific requirements. It features a fully factored HS-20 load rating, making it an ideal solution for everyday load applications like under parking lots or athletic fields. Its larger, simplified design allows for quick assembly and requires fewer total units needed per project without sacrificing storage capacity compared to our existing Module 25 Series product.

For years, StormTank has employed a step-by-step process to complete stormwater projects on schedule, within budget, and to our customers’ expectations. Trust our tested and proven methodology to continually deliver the results you expect.

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TYPAR Geosynthetics

At TYPAR Geosynthetics, we create performance-based replacements for building staples like stone, sand and asphalt. Our products are lighter and easier to install than their mineral counterparts, reducing materials required, waste created and the need for heavy construction equipment. With product and research facilities in Nashville, Tenn., we’ve built upon 40 years of experience to extend our range of materials to provide protection, reinforcement, drainage, filtration and separation options to design and construction professionals.

From permeable driveway surfaces, tree root-friendly barriers that protect underground structures or a reinforcement wall system that holds back flood waters, TYPAR Geosynthetics can meet application requirements and extend the life of projects. 

Keith Misukanis

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Manufactured nationwide by local UNI Manufacturers, Eco-Optiloc permeable interlocking concrete pavers infiltrate stormwater runoff onsite, saving money by combining parking and detention in one system. Reduces impacts on combined storm/sewer systems, mitigates runoff volumes and peak flows, and reduces heat-island effects. Eco-Optiloc is an EPA-recommended best-management practice, and qualifies for LEED and other green rating systems credits.

Eco-Optiloc features interlocking spacers and an “L” shape configuration that offers superior structural stability under traffic loading and withstands turning movements without surface degradation or raveling. Pavement infiltration is maintained by street sweeping/vacuuming and allows for seamless repair if underground access is required. Eco-Optiloc is suitable for use in any climate and is especially suited to vehicular applications.

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Vectorworks Landmark software offers site design professionals the tools to identify stormwater issues while helping create site solutions. With the combination of the site model feature, landscape area and worksheets, users can generate accurate quantity calculations for stormwater impacting their site. The site model will create stormwater flow using automated flow arrows and elevation points as well as slope categories that can help pinpoint erosion problems before they happen. Additionally, the landscape area calculates the surface area of the actual terrain, allowing customized worksheets to produce accurate numbers and data. This information offers you the best choices for the site. Together, these tools create a powerful stormwater analysis and infiltration diagnosis, allowing your workflow to run accurately and smoothly.

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Flygt Submersible Pumps—A Proven Solution for Stormwater Applications

Xylem’s Flygt has pioneered the installation of submersible pumps in large-capacity circular wet wells primarily designed to help reduce environmental impacts, which have resulted from Combined Sewer Overflows (CSOs). Xylem-Flygt CP3351’s (800-hp, 4160-volt) 15-mgd adjustable speed pumps were installed in a 215-foot deep, 60-mgd capacity pumping system for the City of Columbus, Ohio. The system consists of multiple pumps handling flows to dewater the tunnel within two days of a large-flow event. The city, which was facing a CSO problem, combined sound engineering with state-of-the-art equipment to deliver solutions addressing issues for decades to come. For more information, please visit www.xylem.com/flygt or call 1-855-99-H2O1 (855-995-4261).

Asad Choudry

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ZCL | Xerxes

Backed by 40-plus years of industry experience and 200,000-plus installed tanks, ZCL | Xerxes is North America’s largest fiberglass storage tank manufacturer. Our corrosion-resistant tanks are engineered and manufactured to provide decades of secure installation. With a domed cylinder and integrally manufactured ribs, the tanks are designed to withstand the stresses of underground installation, including H-25/HS-25 axle loads. 

We provide an engineered solution for each project based on system requirements, site footprint and total volume. The large-diameter watertight tanks can be configured to accommodate any volume of stormwater. Whether as collection, infiltration or treatment tanks, they are ideal for any stormwater or water-quality project, at even the most challenging site. The tanks are manufactured to ANSI/AWWA D120 and are IAPMO/ANSI Z1002-listed.

ZCL | Xerxes is a product line of tanks within Composite Production Systems of Shawcor Ltd.

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