WASHINGTON – The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) today announced $11.2 million in grants from the Fiscal Year 2019 Disadvantaged Business Enterprise/Supportive Services (DBE/SS) program to help eligible small businesses compete for federal highway contracts in 47 states, as well as Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico.

“Grants like these help small business owners create jobs while keeping costs low, which is a powerful way to help strengthen the American economy,” said Federal Highway Administrator Nicole R. Nason. 

The FHWA has promoted the participation of DBEs in federal-aid highway contracts through state-managed programs since 1982. The DBE/SS grants are an ongoing effort by the FHWA to help state departments of transportation train certified DBE firms on a wide array of business management practices, including procurement assistance and guidance on securing bonding.

A DBE is a for-profit, small business owned by minorities, women or other socially and economically disadvantaged individuals or, in the case of a corporation, one in which 51 percent of the stock is owned by one or more such individuals. The daily business operations must be controlled by at least one of the socially and economically disadvantaged owners. More information about DBE eligibility can be found at https://www.transportation.gov/civil-rights/disadvantaged-business-enterprise

Funding amounts for the Fiscal Year 2019 DBE/SS grant awardees are as follows:

Alabama $228,740.80
Alaska $135,294.00
Arizona $221,049.53
Arkansas $160,152.14
California $1,057,604.08
Colorado $144,000.00
Connecticut $155,745.58
Delaware $60,919.70
District of Columbia $58,186.93
Florida $552,124.40
Georgia $380,335.92
Hawaii $60,912.65
Idaho $94,187.32
Illinois $417,497.89
Indiana $284,015.84
Iowa $152,669.80
Kansas $120,341.66
Kentucky $201,909.72
Louisiana $212,563.21
Maine $65,313.60
Maryland $183,835.25
Massachusetts $185,659.62
Michigan $312,490.08
Minnesota $198,394.66
Mississippi $150,445.44
Missouri $282,260.55
Montana $129,564.65
Nebraska $95,047.12
Nevada $116,134.95
New Hampshire $59,799.43
New Jersey $296,999.05
New Mexico $117,304.41
New York $490,603.70
North Carolina $309,664.65
North Dakota $83,439.69
Ohio $394,346.60
Oklahoma $193,307.76
Oregon $155,052.62
Pennsylvania $440,429.00
Puerto Rico $47,764.61
South Carolina $203,388.68
South Dakota $93,045.73
Tennessee $253,322.73
Texas $701,019.80
Vermont $70,540.41
Virginia $302,453.31
Washington $205,748.40
West Virginia $137,171.24
Wisconsin $226,960.95
TOTAL $11,199,759.86