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Jacob Tompkins OBE, UK Water Executive Joins Waterhound Futures as Board Advisor

Parul Dubey on June 29, 2020 - in News, People

DUBLIN – Waterhound Futures Ltd., a leader in water and waste water data analytics, announced today that Jacob Tompkins will join Waterhound Futures Ltd as a Board Advisor.

Waterhound Futures provides deep tech software solutions to industry and municipal water and waste water treatment customers, while Jacob will advise on market strategy, growth and building commercial collaborations in the UK market. Jacob is an executive in the UK water industry and brings extensive experience and insights to the venture.

“We are very honoured to announce the addition of Jacob Tompkins to Waterhound’s Advisory Board. Jacob has been involved as both an executive and an entrepreneur and business owner in the UK water industry. Jacob’s background with not-for-profit organizations in water efficiency and water management at UK and European level provides an excellent context to Waterhound’s objectives. His work between academia, business and government committees in groundwater protection matches our core business focus of collaborating to reduce freshwater and energy use in the energy and water intensive industry of waste water treatment,” said Julie King, Managing Director, International for Waterhound Futures. “The UK is a core market for Waterhound’s software and operations. We are very pleased to have Jacob as an important member of our extended team.”

“I met Julie in late 2019 and she introduced me to Waterhound’s software. It is a much needed, scientifically grounded, deep tech solution to help water companies digitise operations and optimise performance of their water and wastewater treatment assets on the ground,” said Jacob Tompkins, CTO at The Water Retail Company. “It is a very important single digital tool that produces very practical insights for engineers, operators and managers into the performance of their system. It delivers a holistic approach to optimisation that enables companies to lower operating costs, achieve regulatory compliance, maximise asset life, increase resilience, and cut energy use and carbon. I am pleased to be a Board Advisor for this exciting company and team.”

About Waterhound Futures, Ltd.

Waterhound Futures, Ltd. (www.waterhoundfutures.com) applies machine learning and AI in an integrated environment to water and wastewater treatment, water reuse and recycle and energy recovery and management. Engineers and managers are able to optimise performance and reduce operating and lifetime costs for water and wastewater treatment assets.

About Jacob Tompkins

Qualified as a civil engineer at University College London, Jacob has a Masters in Hydrogeology from Imperial College London. He was an environmental adviser to Nation Farmers’ Union and water resources and water efficiency specialist at Water UK, before founding Waterwise (2005). Jacob has been a WWF Associate and has sat on a number of European Commission working groups on issues such as drought planning and groundwater protection, as well as being a visiting Professor at Exeter University. Jacob spent five years as the UK representative on the Eureau (pan-European water industry body) Drinking Water Commission, as well as chairing OFWAT’s Resilience Committee. Jacob is currently CTO of The Water Retail Company.

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