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MARSH Releases a Report on Infrastructure Resilience

Matt Ball on August 14, 2013 - in Analysis, Corporate

A new report from the MARSH Infrastructure Practice highlights that the resilience of infrastructure assets needs to be enhanced and sustainability should be assessed at the project inception stage and throughout the asset’s life cycle.

However, many infrastructure investors, particularly those operating in sectors or geographies still largely unaffected by the impacts of severe weather events or environmental pollution, have yet to build climate risk into their business models.

The report details how key stakeholders involved in infrastructure development can implement best practice and manage the risks associated with the changing climate more effectively. Methods include:

  • Wider climate change due diligence to improve resiliency and operational efficiency throughout the life cycle.
  • More effective assessment and management of Force Majeure risks in the longer term, and in an economically sustainable way.
  • Avoiding the impairment of debt servicing capabilities through more robust risk pricing and improved risk mitigation.

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