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Nob Hill Water Association Saves Water and Costs with VODA.ai’s Machine Learning

Parul Dubey on June 18, 2020 - in News, Water

BOSTON – Nob Hill Water Association announced they will renew their VODA.ai machine learning subscription for another year. VODA.ai’s software has been helping reduce water loss, property damages and expenses with their artificial intelligence based virtual condition assessment for water mains. VODA.ai’s daVinci machine learning platform enables utilities to make smart, data-driven decisions for proactively monitoring, repairing, replacing and, when appropriate, ignoring water mains.

Zella West, long time Manager for the Nob Hill Water Association, said “Every utility has more miles of mainline that should be replaced than there is money in the budget.  Nob Hill is using this program to direct our valve exercising program to the mains that are predicted to fail so that if they do fail, the damages can be kept to a minimum.” She added: “VODA.ai’s artificial intelligence platform finds patterns of pipe strengths and weaknesses for all of our water mains. They even predict which pipes are likely to fail within the next twelve months. This helps us make smarter decisions on pipes to replace or leave alone. Asset management decisions based on the age of pipes or their failure history are generally less than half as accurate as VODA.ai’s machine learning assessments.”

About VODA.ai:  VODA.ai uses artificial intelligence to assess the condition of water mains and help water utilities make smart decisions managing pipe assets. VODA.ai is a Software as a Service company serving utilities worldwide. It is headquartered in Boston Massachusetts.

About Nob Hill Water Association: Nob Hill Water Association provides water services in Yakima County, Washington, including much of the City of Yakima. It is a private, non-profit association and, outside of the city, is the largest water system in Yakima Valley.


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