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BYD Institutes Stringent SafetyProtocolsas it Reopens Electric Vehicle Manufacturing Plant in California

Parul Dubey on June 4, 2020 - in Corporate, News

LOS ANGELES – BYD (Build Your Dreams), a leading manufacturer of zero-emission vehicles and a major employer in Los Angeles County, announced it has implemented stringent safety protocols and begun a phased reopening of its Lancaster Coach and Bus manufacturing plant.

As it reopens, BYD will continue to follow guidelines for safe operations set by California, Los Angeles County, and the City of Lancaster while ramping up production of all-electric transit buses and motor coaches that meet stringent Buy America standards.

“The health and safety of our employees and our community is our top priority,” said Stella Li, BYD North America President. “The systems we have implemented here will serve to protect our workers and the citizens of our entire community.”

As it reopens, BYD is focused on the safety of its workforce, many of whom are members of the Sheet Metal, Air, Rail and Transportation (SMART) Union, Local 105. The company’s Human Resources team has adopted an innovative multi-point safety protocol, which includes:

–       Social Distancing, including markings at all crowd gathering places to facilities social distancing.

–       Screening and Monitoring, including non-contact body temperature scanning before anyone can enter the plant.

–       Disinfection and Sanitation, including regular sanitation of all common areas and touch-prone areas and promoting the use of sanitizers.

–       Prevention and Awareness, including providing and requiring the use of Personal Protection Equipment such as masks and gloves for all employees, and promoting safety awareness through training, posters, and memos.

–       Promoting safety practices at home for workers, such as Sanitizing personal vehicles, avoiding gatherings, and frequent and vigorous hand washing.

BYD has divided its production workforce into shifts, has limited capacity in break areas, and has social distancing markings in gathering spots, including at entry points into the factory.

Although its manufacturing operation was paused, BYD continued to serve Lancaster, Los Angeles County, and its customers through the donations of Personal Protection Equipment to fight the spread of COVID-19. BYD has donated over $1 million worth of PPE items including masks and sanitizers.


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