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GeoTree Secures Distributor Agreement of AslanTM 200 CFRP Bars with Owens Corning

Parul Dubey on June 1, 2020 - in Corporate, News

GeoTree Solutions has signed an agreement with Owens Corning Infrastructure Solutions, LLC to distribute AslanTM 200 Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) bars for structural strengthening of concrete structures.

GeoTree is a division of ClockSpring|NRI, a leading high-performance critical infrastructure solutions company. GeoTree is already a distributor of Aslan™ 200 and has now secured agreement to hold distribution rights across the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

GeoTree President, John Hepfinger said: “This product is an important part of our offering to our customers and we are delighted to have secured distribution rights. This agreement means we will be able to introduce our range of other products and services to a wider group of companies and organizations offering them additional and complementary support. We secured this agreement as we offer second-to-none engineering expertise, project-level support and installation experience.

“The AslanTM 200 CFRP bars in NSM installations are used to structurally reinforce, strengthen, and uprate concrete structures and are well-suited to GeoTree’s RenewWrap® structural strengthening portfolio of engineered carbon and glass fabric-based, epoxy and urethane-saturated composite reinforcement systems.”

Owens Corning is a pioneer in the field of FRP concrete reinforcement and strengthening. The company has been instrumental in the development of steel-free, glass and carbon concrete reinforcement bars. Owens Corning has worked with authorities to set global codes and standards. AslanTM 200 CFRP Bars have a tensile strength greater than steel, are one-fifth the weight of steel rebar and are impervious to chloride ion and chemical attack.

Chad Fenbert, General Manager, Rebar at Owens Corning, said: “GeoTree has a strong track-record of providing customers with engineering and in-field support. This agreement will further serve the needs of customers using our product and those who wish to do so.”

Hepfinger added: “Our customers continue to approach us with complex problems. Working with respected companies like Owens Corning allows us to provide unique and robust solutions to their needs.”

About GeoTree Solutions

 GeoTree Solutions is a leading global provider of highly engineered solutions for repairing, rehabilitating, strengthening and protecting critical infrastructure spanning the water and wastewater, oil and gas, industrial, and civil sectors. GeoTree’s premium geopolymer solutions, geosynthetic cementitious composite mats, and onshore/offshore RenewWrap® structural strengthening products can be applied to culverts, sewers, slopes, berm and tank containment areas, and civil structure repairs such as pilings, bridges, wharfs, silos, tanks, buildings, monuments, and towers. The GeoTree portfolio is unmatched—offering unique, robust and versatile products for a multitude of applications. www.GeoTreeSolutions.com

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