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Qnect Launches First-To-Market Optimized Vertical Bracing Connection

Parul Dubey on April 20, 2020 - in News, Products

As Qnect’s connection library grows so does the unique capabilities of creating smart, efficient connections for structural steel projects


[HADLEY, Mass, April 20, 2020] – Qnect, LLC, the leader in smart, optimized connections, today introduced vertical bracing as the latest addition to their connection library.  Vertical bracing completes Qnect’s full spectrum of optimized connections from gravity connections to moment connections and the lateral bracing system. 

“I’m very proud of the Qnect team for achieving this milestone,”  says Jef Sharp, Qnect’s CEO. “We’ve been working diligently over the past few months to bring this to market as well as seeing lots more projects incorporate Qnect into their workflow.”

What makes Qnect’s vertical bracing so efficient is the extensive use of their patented, iterative process for optimizing all of the engineering variables.

When asked how the Qnect Vertical Brace works, Qnect’s CTO, Jeff Hausthor explained, “Qnect iterates up to 1,000 gusset plate shapes. Then, for each gusset we design the gusset to beam to produce a single pass weld when possible. Then, gusset to column flange, using a shear plate.  The shear plate itself undergoes a full range of optimization possibilities. Next the gusset to HSS brace itself. The length of the brace weld is controlled by the user’s preferences including the priority to maintain a single pass field weld. Finally, we move to the beam to column connection.”

Everyone in the building and construction ecosystem seeks new technology applications to move faster and reduce waste.  Qnect is providing this. With the need to reduce schedule drift and maximize savings on every project, engineers, fabricators, detailers and GCs are investing in advanced technology such as Qnect offers.

Qnect will highlight more during their free special webinar on Wednesday, April 22, where you can learn “How Qnect created the World’s Most Efficient Vertical Brace Connection.” During the 30 minute webinar, you will experience the process Qnect used as well as the results generated using Qnect for vertical brace connections:

1. What makes the Qnect Vertical Brace connection the most efficient
2. Setting up Preferences for your particular project
3. Running a joint in Qnect & reading the reports
4. Finalizing the connections and what to do with your extra time

Visit the webinar registration page to learn more. 

Sharp adds, “Our journey continues to expand our vertical bracing types, to expand into other parts of the world, and to continue our drive to help make steel the smartest, most efficient and most economical choice for building.”

About Qnect, LLC
Qnect is an intelligent, cloud-based connection service giving fabricators, detailers and engineers fast and flexible connections with significant cost and schedule savings. Connect steel buildings in minutes, prevent schedule drift, utilize one-station fabrication and reduce connection material, time to fabricate and erect.


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