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Energy Expert Positions Fremont as Leader in Clean Energy

Matt Ball on August 2, 2013 - in Energy, Projects

It’s no secret that California is ahead of the pack when it comes to clean tech leadership. In fact, the City of Fremont recently announced an ambitious clean technology report to spearhead California and the rest of the nation in powering communities with next-generation energy solutions. Renowned energy expert Christine Hertzog of Smart Grid Library created the report and named Fremont the frontrunner.

Hertzog’s analysis and evaluation of Fremont’s Smart Grid ecosystem took an in-depth look at the following six sections: semiconductors, communications, solar, energy storage, embedded energy efficiency/light emitting diodes (LEDs) and smart transportation. According to her research, Fremont has a number of thriving ecosystems poised to make monumental strides in Smart Grid solutions. The Smart Grid encompasses a wide range of technologies that modernizes our existing electric, gas and water grids, presenting a multi-billion dollar market opportunity for companies with innovative solutions.

The City already has an established strength in several clean tech industries that are significant technology foundations for Smart Grid – most notably in the areas of semiconductors, solar and communications. In fact, based on her findings, Hertzog expects the Smart Grid wireless and wired technologies market to grow to $13 billion by 2014.

Some additional highlights from Hertzog’s report include:

— One of Fremont’s greatest ecosystem strengths is solar, which is fortuitous, considering the solar market is rapidly shifting into overdrive. The global CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) is expected to reach 18.5 percent through 2020.

— Fremont’s expertise in accommodating industrial manufacturing makes the city an ideal home for chemical energy storage companies. The global market for energy storage is projected to be worth $113 billion by 2017.

— Fremont’s forte is also in LED technologies, and there is a $15 billion global market potential for LED components by 2017.

“The future of Fremont looks very green,” said Bill Harrison, mayor of Fremont. “Christine Hertzog’s report confirms that Fremont is continuing to blaze a trail in the clean tech industry. Smart Grids will not only provide our residents with clean energy sourced from the safest, most secure and reliable systems, but will also power our growing hub of advanced manufacturers and startups with efficient and cost-effective energy sources.”

Clean technology holds a potential gold mine of economic growth for Fremont. City officials are investing in strategic opportunities to revolutionize the way Fremont residents and businesses produce and consume energy. Clean tech VC investment in Fremont is strong with more than $363 million invested in clean tech Fremont companies in 2011/2012, more than half of total investment. Boasting more than 110 manufacturing businesses and upwards of 35 clean technology startups, smart energy systems are a natural progression of sophisticated solutions from Fremont’s burgeoning innovation hub.

“Fremont’s clean tech businesses are churning out some of the world’s most cutting-edge green technologies,” said Kelly Kline, Economic Development director, Fremont. “It’s important that our City’s efforts mirror the innovative and eco-friendly efforts put forth by our local business community. By exploring innovative energy solutions within the Smart Grid ecosystem, Fremont will continue to attract companies at all stages in development – from startups to established Fortune 100s – to our thriving Silicon Valley nexus of innovation, flexible manufacturing and highly skilled workers.”

“Intematix benefits greatly by being part of the LED lighting technology ecosystem in Fremont,” stated Mark Swoboda, chief executive officer of Intematix, a development and manufacturing leader of phosphors for LEDs. “Access to talented employees, manufacturing partners and state-of-the-art facilities for R&D and manufacturing has been instrumental to our innovation and growth.”

For more information on Fremont’s ecosystems and smart grid opportunities, please visit http://www.fremont.gov/smartgrid.

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