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Woolpert, Esri Develop Free Airport FEMA Reimbursement Application

Parul Dubey on April 3, 2020 - in Financial, News, Products, Technology

The application will help airports submit forms to expedite FEMA reimbursements.  

DAYTON, Ohio (April 3, 2020) — Woolpert and Esri have partnered to develop a free, user-friendly application to help airports enter, track and submit reimbursable expenses to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). The FEMA Reimbursement Toolkit is accessible via desktop, tablet or mobile device. It will support all FEMA-related reimbursements, including COVID-19 costs, to repay 75 cents on the dollar for approved expenditures.

The application provides support and guidance in the completion of necessary reimbursement forms and includes an ArcGIS dashboard to provide descriptions, dates, locations, labor hours, materials used, equipment used, vendors, invoices, receipts, pictures, signatures, contractors if applicable, etc., as needed. The app calculates the value of each task and the reimbursement amount to be received, while aggregating, documenting and saving submissions for each airport. It also can serve the needs of municipalities and other business partners.

“This type of technology application will help airports recover desperately needed resources,” said Jeff Mulder, A.A.E, Woolpert senior consultant. “From my experience as an airport director, dealing with everything from irregular operations to industry-changing events, robust data collection is required to help with recovery and to ensure lessons are learned moving forward.”

Woolpert Geospatial Program Director Ed Copeland said the app was created specifically to support airports, with the idea that other agencies could realize its benefits as well. It was not developed in response to COVID-19, but the pandemic has sped up the development timeline.

“COVID-19 pushed the application forward because everyone was hit with the same need at the same time, and we knew this would help airports receive vital reimbursements more quickly,” Copeland said. “This app will be valuable during this crisis and will continue to support FEMA-related financial documentation moving forward.”

This completed application is now available to all airports. For information, to attend a demonstration or to sign-up for the application, please email [email protected]. For further support, contact Woolpert via the firm’s website.

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