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elec calc™ 2020: Electrical Calculations Made Easy

Parul Dubey on April 1, 2020 - in News, Products, Technology

Trace Software International announces that the latest version of elec calc™ is already available on the market. The software guarantees the optimal sizing and the calculation performance in real-time of any electrical installation. The newest version has been enhanced with new automation features, the result of the company’s decades of know-how in the industry.

Since 1987, Trace Software International has focused its efforts on designing software solutions to help engineering professionals ensuring power availability, reliable design, advanced performance and manage the challenges of an increasingly demanding industry.



Electrical calculations made easy

  • Direct currents module – optional
    elec calc™now includes a direct current module for dimensioning auxiliary networks (control-command), distribution of sockets and/or lighting. Now it is easy to manage direct current in the electrical project.
  • Duplicate a device reference without opening the catalog
    Now it is possible to right-click to duplicate a device reference on the single line diagram. As there is no more need to enter the data manually, the chances of errors are reduced.
  • Editing auxiliary symbols
    Symbols that are not involved in the calculations (so-called auxiliary or adornment symbols) can be edited and/or created by the user, to go further in the schematic. This latest version of the software is delivering a higher level of accuracy to create well detailed electrical projects.
  • Distributor as a fixed load
    On each distributor, it is possible to force consumption to inhibit the downstream power balance. The user can enter either a current or power, associate the cos ϕand the THD and all the calculations, including the voltage drop, will be carried out on this basis. With elec calc™ you can save time and optimize your workflow.
  • Project configurator
    To gain efficiency during the creation of the projects, you can assign default characteristics for the different components and store this setting in templates.
  • Display of the error messages in the calculations report
    Work in comfort with elec calc™ as the lists of error messages and recommendations can be printed separately. In addition to the classic list, it is possible to choose a display integrated into the circuit description.


Safety: our top priority

  • Management of the holding time of the UPS systems
    We help the professional to build highly resistant, reliable and secure electrical installations. With elec calc™, the calculation of the thermal stresses between a UPS and the first downstream protection is possible. Moreover, a time/current curve allows visualizing the UPS in the selectivity studies.
  • Compliance with the Spanish and German standards – optional
    Two new standards are available inelec calc™: REBT applicable in Spain and VDEapplicable in Germany and Luxemburg to guarantee compliance with the specific requirements and the national deviations to the international standards.


Time-saving personalization features in the catalog

  • Improvement of catalog management
    o Management of automatic search filters when entering a reference: the reference will be displayed by identifying the non-compatible characteristic(s).
    o The possible choice on the initialization of the catalog search filters. Until now the reference search was based on the Ib. From now it is possible to search according to the data entered, for example, Ith for protection.
    o Management of obsolete references: The possibility to display obsolete references will be stored for the entire file.
    o Management of default cable families: The user can set the default cable family, for example, U-1000-R2V.
    o Memorization of the last manufacturer: If you have not set the default manufacturers of the various components for the catalog search, the last manufacturer used will be displayed when the catalog is opened.
  • Integration of a catalog manager
    The user can create a customized catalog with the preferred manufacturers and ranges. It is also possible to sort the products by country, to memorize the configurations and reuse them according to the projects.


Communication is just a click away

  • New “Support” ribbon integrated to the software
    This new ribbon centralizes all the functionalities to retrieve software or catalog updates, and manage support tickets for smoother and faster communication.


Trace Software International helps customers to meet their business needs by achieving top results in terms of performance, safety and energy efficiency.





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