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Energy Systems Integration Group (ESIG) Announces Recipients of 2020 Excellence Awards

Parul Dubey on March 20, 2020 - in News, People

Energy Systems Integration Group (ESIG), the leading source of global expertise for energy systems integration and operations, recently announced the recipients of its 2020 Excellence Awards.

These awards recognize energy professionals from around the world for their contributions and accomplishments toward the planning and operation of energy systems across multiple pathways and geographical scales in ways that are reliable, economic and sustainable.

More than 40 individuals received Excellence Awards, including two individuals who received Lifetime Excellence Awards for their sustained contributions and dedication to the energy industry.

 “The recipients of this year’s awards exemplify how progressive efforts are rapidly transforming our power systems,” said Mark Ahlstrom, ESIG Board of Directors President. “ESIG recognizes their hard work and looks forward to providing opportunities for others to build and learn from their accomplishments.”

The Lifetime Excellence Award was presented to:

Dennis Woodford, Electranix – For sustained contributions to the planning, simulation and design of HVDC transmission systems worldwide.

Jim Caldwell, Technical Director of Center for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Technologies– For outstanding contributions to the integration of wind and solar resources and the value of grid flexibility for the electric system.

Excellence Award recipients include:

For contributions to advances in the use of probabilistic forecasts

  • Sue Ellen Haupt, NCAR
  • Jan Dobschinski, Fraunhofer Institute for Energy Economics and Energy System Technology (Fraunhofer IEE)
  • Corinna Möhrlen, WEPROG
  • John Zack, UL Renewables
  • Pengwei Du, ERCOT
  • Rui Pestana, REN / R&D Nester
  • Mayte García, REE
  • Amber Motley, CAISO
  • Tim Miller, SPP
  • Mike Davidson, AEMO
  • Drake Bartlett, Xcel Energy
  • Ulrich Focken, energy & meteo systems
  • Matthias Lange, energy & meteo systems
  • Aidan Tuohy, EPRI

For the Western Flexibility Assessment, an investigation of the flexibility of the Western Interconnection for accommodating increased shares of renewable energy

  • Keegan Moyer, Energy Strategies
  • Benjamin Wallace Brownlee, Energy Strategies
  • Gary Simonson, Energy Strategies
  • Kathleen Fraser, Energy Strategies
  • Daniel Ramirez, Energy Strategies
  • Caitlin Liotiris, Energy Strategies
  • Thomas Carr, WIEB
  • Cameron Yourkowski, EDPR
  • Tony Usibelli, State of Washington


For sustained contributions to ENTSO-E’s planning of the European transmission system and the Northern Seas offshore grid infrastructure

  • Antje Orths, Energinet

For sustained contributions to understanding the cost of cycling thermal plants

  • Nikhil Kumar, Intertek

For outstanding contributions to the planning optimization of decarbonized energy systems

  • Chris Clack, Vibrant Clean Energy

For sustained contributions to the planning and design of transmission systems for the integration of renewable energy

  • John Lawhorn, MISO

For outstanding contributions to the design of electricity markets incorporating renewable energy

  • Dick O’Neill, ARPA-E

For sustained contributions to the modeling and analysis of power systems with a large share of inverter-based resources

  • Nilesh Modi, AEMO

For leadership and sustained contributions to the integration of renewables and DER into the electric system

  • Benjamin Kroposki, NREL

For outstanding industry leadership and contributions to dynamic models for DER, IEEE P2800 standard development, IEEE 1547-2018 implementation, and grid reliability with the changing generation mix

  • Ryan Quint, NERC

Service Award recipients include:

For three years of service to the ESIG Board of Directors

  • Mike Casper, Jo-Carroll Energy
  • Bruce Rew, SPP


For more information on ESIG, visit www.esig.energy.



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