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OnScale Is Providing Free Cloud Core-Hours to Customers to Mitigate Engineering Productivity Loss Related to the Coronavirus Outbreak

Parul Dubey on March 18, 2020 - in Featured, News, Technology

Silicon Valley, CA  – OnScale, the global leader in Cloud Engineering Simulation, today announces that it will provide free cloud core-hours to customers to promote customer safety and mitigate any productivity loss due to office shutdowns.

OnScale has already officially closed its global offices to protect the health and safety of OnScale employees. “As a cloud company, OnScale’s staff can stay incredibly productive while working remotely,” says Ian Campbell, CEO of OnScale. “However, we understand that many of our customers are still tied to local, on-premise computing for their OnScale engineering simulation needs. In order to help protect the safety of our customers, we are offering free and full access to our OnScale Cloud Simulation platform to our existing customers so that engineers working from home or remotely can continue to be productive in advancing R&D priorities”.

OnScale is committed to maintain a high level of productivity in order to support our customers’ business. To this aim all planned physical events and activities such as technical support, workshops, seminars, presentations, business meetings, and training classes will be executed remotely as scheduled and without any disruption.

“We hope that our employees and customers stay safe and healthy during these stressful times. The OnScale team will continue to keep updated with news about this global outbreak and be proactive in its response to this rapidly changing situation,” says Dave Freed, CTO of OnScale. “We thank our customers for their loyalty. We will do everything in our power to support the well-being of everyone in our community.”

Supporting Customers Impacted by COVID-19
OnScale will offer free cloud core-hours to our customers who are currently working from home because of the coronavirus outbreak and don’t have access to their hardware and the OnScale engineering simulation platform.

OnScale account managers will reach out to our customers to allow them to continue their important work using free core-hours while working from home.

“Global collaboration is at the core of what we do with our cloud-native simulation platform. We hope that by enabling our customer to keep working on their engineering projects while away from their desks, everybody’s productivity will be maintained in an effort to sustain our economy and well-being during this outbreak,” concludes Campbell.

Customers are invited to reach out to [email protected] with any questions about accessing OnScale and using free core-hours from home while working remotely during the outbreak.

About OnScale
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