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Argon Design Demonstrates Bridge Condition Monitoring Technology

Matt Ball on July 29, 2013 - in Projects, Sensors, Transportation

Argon Design just demonstrated a sensored bridge that uses the Weightless wireless protocol  that uses old television spectrum for real-time condition sensing and reporting. The U.K.-based team integrated sensors on the structure to understand strain and communicate stresses as a train passed over the bridge.

The demonstration of the revolutionary M2M/IoT wireless technology standard, “Weightless“, was demonstrated at the recent NERVE conference and the Future of Wireless Conference..

In 2013, The Future of Wireless International Conference explored the strategic questions about this “Internet of Things”. How transformational it could be and how we distinguish reality from hyperbole? What about the societal, business and technical challenges involved in moving to a future world where everyday objects are connected and autonomous? What are the benefits and pitfalls – and will this be utopia or dystopia? What are the likely impact on your business and what new opportunities this would create? Is your business strategy correct, are you too early, or do you risk being too late? Will this change your business, your life? – almost certainly.

Argon Design develops products for clients across a variety of markets including IoT/M2M. We use existing technologies such as Bluetooth and GSM, and with “Weightless” added to our portfolio, we are uniquely placed to develop wide area M2M/IoT solutions. We would be happy to discuss M2M/IoT opportunities in your business, contact us.


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