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World Construction Leader Komatsu Partners with Cesium on ‘Smart Construction’ Initiative

Parul Dubey on March 12, 2020 - in News, Products, Technology

Cesium Technology Will Power Smart Construction Dashboard to Make Construction Safer, More Efficient and More Profitable

Las Vegas and Philadelphia – Today at CONEXPO-CON/AGG, Komatsu officially announced an incoming suite of the company’s ‘Smart Construction’ solutions, which will include the 3D visualization power and geospatial accuracy of Cesium™, a leading platform to visualize, analyze and share 3D data. 

“Together, Komatsu and Cesium are bringing a new era of innovation to the construction industry,” said Rod Schrader, Chairman and CEO of Komatsu’s North American operations. “As experts in 3D data visualization, computer graphics, and open source software, Cesium’s technology will help power our Smart Construction Dashboard.”

Komatsu shares our vision to realize the potential of 3D geospatial data. Komatsu intelligent machines—excavators, bulldozers, and dump trucks—along with drone surveys, collect time-dynamic 3D geolocated data about earthworks construction sites. These data sources are used to create a dynamic digital twin of the physical construction site to enable a more efficient and safe construction project.

With the Cesium application, it’s easy to compare plans with reality. Here a preconstruction survey of the terrain, collected by drone, compared to a “TIN,” or triangle mesh (in blue), representing how the terrain will look when construction is completed.

Cesium provides the 3D platform and application for users to visualize and analyze the virtual construction site from anywhere in the world.

Cesium 3D Tiles is used to fuse and stream the current or past virtual construction site at any point in time, composed of:

  • the target CAD design model,
  • drone surveys,
  • GPS rover surveys, and
  • as-built data from intelligent machines.

Users can then analyze the construction site with easy-to-use, accurate, and fast GPU-accelerated computations, including:

  • cut and fill to determine the progress between any two points in time;
  • volume and distance measurements to analyze stockpiles; and
  • cross sections, slope, and contour to quickly understand the terrain.

The Komatsu Smart Construction application includes tools to analyze progress. Here a drone survey shows a cut & fill heatmap with overall progress meter on the bottom.

The Cesium application for Komatsu Smart Construction provides an end-to-end workflow including graphics and reports.

We are proud to support Komatsu in their digital transformation of the construction industry. We look forward to partnering with other market leaders to provide the 3D geospatial technology to transform their industries.

For more details about Smart Construction, click here.


About Komatsu:

Komatsu is an industry-leading manufacturer and supplier of equipment, technologies and services for the construction, forklift, mining, industrial and forestry markets. For nearly a century, Komatsu equipment and services have been used by companies worldwide to develop modern infrastructure, extract fundamental minerals, maintain forests and create technology and consumer products. The company’s global service and distributor networks support customer operations, tapping into the power of data and technology to enhance safety and productivity while optimizing performance.

To learn more about Komatsu’s North American offerings, visit www.komatsuamerica.com.

Komatsu® is a registered trademark of Komatsu Ltd. Komatsu America Corp. is an authorized licensee of Komatsu Ltd. All other trademarks and service marks used herein are the property of Komatsu Ltd., Komatsu America Corp., or their respective owners or licensees.

About Cesium:

Cesium makes the world’s ever-growing collection of real-world 3D data more useful and accessible by enabling the creation of applications that visualize, analyze, and share this data – all from your favorite browser. Cesium is a complete platform for  managing the entirety of the 3D mapping ecosystem – everything from optimization to visualization to analytics. 

Rooted in the aerospace industry, Cesium was built to track satellites orbiting the Earth with sub-millimeter accuracy. Cesium continues to aggressively develop and enhance the platform for a range of customers in government agencies, startups and Fortune 500® companies alike. Learn more at cesium.com

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