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Esensors Develops of a Bluetooth Sensor Gateway for Smart Building and IoT

Matt Ball on July 26, 2013 - in Facility Management, Projects, Sensors

Esensors Inc. is developing an Internet gateway for Bluetooth LE enabled sensors which is aimed at smart buildings, smart grid and Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

The gateway is based on a standard Linux platform with a Bluetooth wireless transceiver which processes and reformats sensor data as Internet/Ethernet accessible formats. The intention is to provide APIs which will translate data from commercially available Bluetooth sensors into standard Internet formats. Esensors will rely on its experience in designing Websensors and other IP enabled sensors, as well as its experience in standards development, to provide a quick solution.

Bluetooth LE has become a preferred choice for many wireless sensor applications because of its attractive features, including automatic configuration (plug&play), good range, low power consumption and low cost. However most Bluetooth enabled sensors can only be readily accessed by cell phones or tablets, which are appropriate for personal sensors such as heart rate monitors, but not for those intended for smart buildings. For these applications continuous access to the Internet is needed, as provided by a gateway. Presently available Bluetooth gateways or access points are not LE enabled, do not provide sensor interfaces and have prices several times that of our proposed solution.

Interested parties can support the development by providing funding through advance payments as a crowd-funded project hosted by Indiegogo. One gateway will be provided for $119 ($149 list). Contact Indiegogo for the Bluetooth Sensor Gateway project or see the Esensors page below.

Esensors Inc. is an electronic sensor development company established in 2000 by D. Wobschall. Its long-term goal is to develop, manufacture and market smart wired and wireless digital sensors with network capabilities. A current focus is on sensors for the smart grid and smart buildings. It supports standards development, in particular IEEE 21451. Because of a close relationship with the University of Buffalo the company has access to a high level of expertise in the area of electronic engineering.

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