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Fugro Roadware Performs Manual Validation of Automated Pavement Distress Data Collection

Matt Ball on July 22, 2013 - in Maintenance, Transportation

RoadInspectionIn early May 2013, Fugro Roadware in partnership with the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario (MTO), completed manual road studies in the town of Gravenhurst, Ontario. The data from these ground truth studies were acquired with research level accuracy on a 200 meter road test strip in 10 meter increments and were compared to the data collected using an MTO owned ARAN equipped with 3D sensors and analysed using Fugro Roadware’s Vision software.

The purpose behind the manual studies was for MTO and Fugro Roadware to establish the precision and accuracy of ARAN measurements and Vision software analyses, and report these results against the ground truth data. This process validated and calibrated the results from Vision to ensure that the data met provincial government requirements and could be provided quickly and accurately without having to conduct any further manual surveys in the field.

There are substantial benefits of collecting data using a fully automated continuous data collection system such as the ARAN system over manual surveys. Apart from being substantially safer, faster and costing less to operate, fully automated surveys using the ARAN deliver higher quality results that are more repeatable and less prone to human bias and interpretation. Furthermore the ARAN system delivers a fully verifiable and traceable record of the current condition of the road. The initial findings from this investigation have shown that Fugro Roadware’s automated pavement distress detection method meets all the required specification.

The Ministry of Transportation of Ontario (MTO) has made its first purchase of Fugro Roadware’s newly launched ARAN 7000. The ARAN 7000 is the only portable, light-weight, hitch-mountable road profiler on the market that is able to accommodate up to 9 laser sensors for collecting rutting, texture, roughness (smoothness), and faulting data with high repeatability. MTO’s latest investment will allow the Ministry to meet its road testing demands, including collection of pavement performance and warranty assessment data, as well as its regional project needs.

Investment protection is a key benefit offered by the ARAN 7000 system as it is easily transportable between various vehicles. MTO’s profiler includes 2 Selcom RoLine lasers and GPS equipment; the profiler supports the optional future addition of video and extra lasers for rutting calculations. This profiler exceeds MTO’s requirements for an ASTM E 950 Class 1 profiler that meets the MTO LS-296 calibration requirements.

David Lowe, Managing Director commented, “This portable high speed inertial profiler is 100% compatible with MTO’s existing hardware and software: its ARAN vehicle, ARAN “Vision” data analysis software and pavement management system. If the Ministry’s pavement analysis needs change, the ARAN 7000 can be easily reconfigured to meet them. It is ideal for profiling projects requiring a cost-effective, flexible, and rapidly-deployed solution.”

For more information, please contact: roadware@fugro.com.

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