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Artistic view on spruce plywood like you’ve never seen before – artistic execution accentuates the Metsä Wood product value promise ‘Easy on Site’

Parul Dubey on January 31, 2020 - in Buildings, Structural components

Metsä Wood took a creative approach to dramatize the spruce plywood value proposition – ‘Easy on Site’. The image series and video address its core audience of construction buyers, while providing an aesthetic experience to anyone who enjoys the subtle beauty of wood.

In the construction world, relying on the right materials can help evade unnecessary work phases and weather or safety related issues that can easily throw projects off track.

Spruce plywood for all construction

Metsä Wood Spruce Ply products are designed to tackle these challenges while ensuring maximum profitability. The panels are light, easy to install and work with. Ideal for walls, flooring and roofing it is, in fact, the special surface treatments and finishes of the softwood panels, which improve their resistance against weather, moisture, mould or provides enhanced fire safety. Produced from high quality raw material – 100 % traceable wood from sustainably managed northern forests – the products are also environmentally friendly.

To communicate the Spruce Ply value promise ‘Easy on site’ in an insightful way, Metsä Wood partnered up with the award-winning design team of hasan & partners and production agency Duotone. As a result, the appearance and benefits of spruce plywood were transformed into an art experience.

Spruce plywood is a traditional product, but with innovative coatings it has benefits that may feel surprising. We wanted to communicate these benefits in an unforeseen way by highlighting the beauty of the product,” Mikko Saavalainen, SVP, Business Development from Metsä Wood says.

Industrial doesn’t have to mean dull

The core creative idea of the video and image series draws insight, but is not confined by preconceived ideas of what the word industrial entails in the context of visual communication. Director Carl Bergman from Duotone gives credit to Metsä Wood and the team from hasan & partners for exploring multiple paths for execution.

“Looking at familiar objects from a new perspective is something I find both valuable and very enjoyable. Oftentimes when we’re accustomed to seeing something around us all the time, it’s really easy to overlook its inherent characteristics. Simply put, slowing down and studying the plywood, I found it really beautiful and wanted to capture how it might appear if we glanced at it for the first time”.

On building sites, plywood panel constructions are often among the first to appear, and the creative execution mirrors this. Individual pieces slowly emerge from darkness, giving a particular form to the space they appear in.

“Ultimately, what we wanted to do here was celebrate this ubiquitous industrial product. Gradually shining a light on it, and letting it tell its own story through the build-up and eventual disassembly of intricate letter forms.” Bergman concludes.

Watch ‘Easy on site’ video and experience the Spruce Ply products like you’ve never seen before.

Images & video for download: https://databank.metsagroup.com/l/dzvNPXwpZqzN

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