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Automatic parking system creates space for new building in Dusseldorf’s trendy Friedrichstadt district

Parul Dubey on January 10, 2020 - in Land Development, News

Space for new properties is particularly sought after in trendy urban areas and as a result is expensive. But without the associated parking spaces, even top properties lose their appeal for buyers. An underground automatic parking system from Lödige Industries now provides parking spaces for a completely renovated residential building in Dusseldorf’s Friedrichstadt.  At the same time, the subterranean construction allows for an additional new building with condominiums including the associated parking areas. In addition to the planned construction of the largest fully automated parking garage for the MIZAL Campus, Lödige Industries has thus secured its second contract for automated parking systems in the state capital of North Rhine-Westphalia.

In Friedrichstadt, the most densely populated district of Dusseldorf, parking spaces have been in short supply since the 1980s. The creation of additional car parking spaces was a central requirement of the client in order to address the desired target group with the completely renovated property. However, the existing backyard only offered space for three vehicles. The underground automated parking system, which is to go into operation in late summer 2020, will create nine parking spaces. This means that the courtyard will be fully available for the construction of a modern townhouse over three floors.

The 5BY2 technology from Lödige Industries will make optimum use of the available space by eliminating the need for fixed access routes. Vehicles are parked on a pallet in the parking cabin. Each vehicle pallet can be moved to any place in the system. All that is required is a free parking space. The fully automatic parking system can also cope with existing pillars or other structural conditions. At the push of a button and after entering a password, the vehicle moves directly into the parking cabin and is available for use. In total Lödige has already installed over 60 of the fully automatic parking systems in Europe and North America.

Gültekin Aka, Managing Director of Aka Real Estate GmbH, is pleased about the fact that every residential unit can now be offered with an associated parking space: “We create distinctive living spaces in sought-after residential locations. The innovative automatic parking system from Lödige Industries enables us to provide the parking spaces that are so important in this part of the city in a high-quality and modern design that matches the property”. The designs for the core refurbishment and the new building are by the Dusseldorf architect Ulrich Wicharz.

Lukas Kopecki, sales manager for automatic parking systems at Lödige Industries, points out the special significance of the project: “The building on Fürstenwall is in many ways a prime example of the space savings made possible by our technology. We are setting new standards here with only 14 m² per car parking space. This new order from Dusseldorf within a very short period of time shows how great the shortage of parking space is in our modern urban centers and what an important contribution our technology can make to the quality of life”.


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