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Stantec Selected to Design and Engineer New Power Barges for The Gowanus Generating Station

Parul Dubey on November 27, 2019 - in Energy, News

Edmonton, AB; New York, NY- TSX, NYSE: STN: Siemens has selected global design firm Stantec to design and engineer two new SeaFloat power barges for the Gowanus Generation Station in Brooklyn, New York. Four existing barges with a total of 32 older generating units will be phased out and replaced with two barges, each outfitted with four SGT-A65 Combustion Turbine Generators, for a total gross power output of approximately 600 MW.

In addition to providing a source of cleaner, more efficient energy to millions of New Yorkers, the new barges will ensure a resilient, reliable power supply, taking advantage of the unique position the existing barges hold on the Gowanus Canal. During Hurricane Sandy, the Generating Station weathered the storm with minimal interruption, given its protection from the high tide and storm surges.

Stantec’s scope of services include engineering and design, including naval architect design of the barge and integral barge systems. Stantec has contracted with VARD Marine for naval architecture design and engineering of the barge and structural components. Siemens, as engineering, procurement, and construction contractor, will supply materials and services for the design and construction.

“The Gowanus Repowering Project comes at a pivotal moment for the New York City region, as communities look to bolster resilience while reducing emissions and pollutants,” said Terri Poussard, Director of Project Development, Power, Stantec. “We’re proud to work with Siemens to ensure this vital source of power generation remains online for years to come.”

The Gowanus Repowering Project represents a growing trend among major North American cities seeking innovative approaches to update aging energy sources, while reducing emissions and increasing resiliency, reliability and efficiencies in energy supplies. Stantec is partnering with communities, like the City of Pasadena, to ensure the delivery of environmentally responsible electricity.

Stantec has delivered over 250,000 MW of power to clients across North America and the globe, helping them adapt to unprecedented changes in the industry and advance towards assets that are smarter, more efficient, and in keeping with the new power reality. To learn more, visit: www.stantec.com/power.


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