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Lödige Industries Builds Germany’s Largest Automated Parking System

Parul Dubey on November 21, 2019 - in Land Development, News

Hybrid solution provides a total of over 500 parking spaces

Dusseldorf/Scherfede – Lödige Industries, one of the world’s leading providers of automatic parking systems, is providing an innovative hybrid solution for the MIZAL Campus at Dusseldorf’s Medienhafen, combining a conventional underground car park with a fully automated parking system.

Automated parking systems allow more efficient storage of cars on a relatively small footprint. In order to create the number of parking spaces required for this project designed by the Dusseldorf architects Eller + Eller, a modern, compact automated system was developed, which provides 285 fully automated parking spaces in addition to the 241 conventional parking spaces. Thanks to the parking system, the entire excavation cube could be reduced and a maximum excavation depth of 13.5 m ensured – utilising only 55% of the space required by a conventional parking system. A purely conventional system would therefore not have been possible on the existing footprint. Upon completion in 2021, the project will have a total of 526 parking spaces.

“The fully automated parking system provides an efficient solution to deal in a responsible manner with scarce space at locations that are highly sought after like our Medienhafen. For that reason, I am very pleased that a fully automated parking system of this size will be realized and assume a pioneering role beyond the city boundaries,” the Mayor of Dusseldorf, Thomas Geisel, said.

“We are grateful and honored to be able to support CODIC Development in this important strategic project that will mark a milestone in the future development of office and administrative buildings in Germany,” Dr. Lukas Kopecki, Head of Sales Car Park Systems at Lödige Industries, said.

Robert Bawn, Director Car Parking Solutions at Lödige Industries said: “This order once again confirms our market and technology leadership, especially in complex projects. Our aim is not only to implement our customer’s technical goals, but also to create attractive user experiences and enable new sustainable and intelligent urban living spaces.”

Client, CODIC Development GmbH, is known for developing prestigious office properties that deliver sustainable value to users and owners. Recent projects include the BonnJour in Bonn and the BO69 in Dusseldorf. As the owner of the MIZAL project, which is being built in Plockstrasse, CODIC was looking for a modern system that can handle peak times in the storage and retrieval of vehicles. Here, Lödige Industries has an impressive track record: in 2015 Lödige completed Europe’s largest fully automated system with almost 1,000 parking spaces and excellent waiting times of less than 120 seconds.

Guido Knümann, Managing Director of CODIC Development said: “CODIC wants to create work spaces of the future and use unconventional approaches to develop flexible and innovative building concepts that continuously adapt to social and digital developments.” With Lödige Industries, we have found a partner that enables to pair technology with architectural design. The combination of speed, quality, and precision of hardware installed and state-of-the-art intelligent and self-learning software was a key factor in the provider’s choice. As a solution for urban space constraints, this is a lighthouse-style project. ”

Lödige Industries will also be responsible for the long-term service for the new system. With a term of 15 years, the parking system in Dusseldorf is remotely monitored by the Lödige Industries Customer Care Centre. If necessary, corrections in the system can be undertaken quickly and efficiently.

Philippe De Backer, CEO of Lödige Industries commented: “Our experience from the more than 60 automatic parking systems that we have installed worldwide, has consistently shown that this allows us to increase the reliability and safety of the system, while reducing operations and maintenance costs.”

The MIZAL Campus is planned in such a way that the object offers the greatest possible adaptability to changing work processes. For example, up to 3,200 m² of space are offered without any necessary subdivisions. There are also walk-in and green roof landscapes and a closed-cavity facade, whose closed chambers give the building more energy efficiency and sustainability.


Technical information about the project

First approval of a system of this size in Germany

With 285 parking spaces and 18,000 cubic meters, the largest fully automatic parking system in Germany is being built in Dusseldorf. The application for the building permit was supported and prepared by Lödige Industries. The entire building including parking system is eligible for DGNB Gold certification. Extensive compensation measures established with the local fire protection authority (Dusseldorf), enabled the first ever approval in Germany of an automatic parking system of this volume. The compensatory measures include a full accessibility of the levels. Not only does this provide the fire brigade with a safe approach to the system in the event of a fire, it also facilitates easy and safe access by the maintenance staff, thereby increasing the parking system’s availability. During the planning phase, the fire protection authority was informed, among other things, by a visit to an existing system in Copenhagen.

Technical design

The system uses four parking cabins. The lifts integrated in these cabins, transfer the cars at high speed. In the central alley, six transfer vehicles on three floors move cars in front of the automatically selected parking space. Lödige’s proven “CUBILE” robotic system parks vehicles double-deep in the designated parking spaces by means of two flat robots lifting cars by their tires. The space selection is provided by Lödige’s intelligent, self-learning material flow system. So far, this technology has mainly been used in publicly accessible parking systems with high parking turnover.


Information on CODIC Development

Even when analysing the development possibilities of real estate, CODIC uses its experiences from 30 years of project development, in order to investigate decision-relevant information accurately. In its many years as a project developer, CODIC has been able to steadily expand its experience. CODIC projects have high standards of sustainability and future viability. CODIC is currently conducting detailed investigation in order to launch projects with this requirement in the future at the other BIG SEVEN locations in Germany.

Information on Lödige Industries

Lödige Industries is a leading global provider of automated parking and logistics systems headquartered in Scherfede, Germany. With offices around the world, Lödige Industries delivers material flow solutions to a wide range of customers. Founded in 1948, the company specializes in the supply of complex material flow systems from planning, manufacturing, programming and commissioning to service. Lödige Industries is the world leader in air cargo handling terminals.

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