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Mobile GIS Technology Improves Water Asset Management

Matt Ball on July 11, 2013 - in Corporate, Water

Andrew Smart, GISP and Senior GIS Analyst at geographIT, gave a presentation on the use of mobile GIS for utility asset management at the Pennsylvania Water Environment Association’s Annual Technical Conference held June 3-5 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The presentation highlighted the benefits of using mobile GIS on tablets to maintain enterprise GIS data while in the field which improves data quality since the data are only entered once while in the field, and data accessibility since the enterprise has immediate access to the data as soon as edits are submitted from the tablet.

The presentation included a demonstration of geographIT’s mobile GIS solution developed for Android tablets that can update data in “on-line mode”, when Internet connection is available through cellular broadband connection, and “off-line mode” when cellular broadband signal is unavailable and edits are cached locally on the tablet until connectivity is reestablished. The availability of inexpensive tablets serving as GIS clients combined with increasing coverage of cellular broadband extends the enterprise GIS into the field for easy access to the latest utility information and timely updates that are immediately available to the enterprise.

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At geographIT, we thrive on automating our clients’ operations and streamlining complex workflows through geographic information systems (GIS) technology. Because our services include geospatial and information technology (IT) components, both off-the-shelf and custom applications, our clients enjoy flexibility and customization at affordable prices.

A quest for solutions founded our GIS consulting business in 1990, a time when GIS was new technology. Back then, GIS required specialized programming languages and databases outside the realm of mainstream IT. Recognizing state and local governments had limited resources, Ashis Pal and Bruce Stauffer founded Advanced Technology Solutions, Inc.—then only one of two firms in Pennsylvania specializing in GIS technology services.

As geospatial information system technology evolved and improved, so did our company. In 2007, we changed our name to reflect our own evolution from strictly a GIS technology firm to a broader range of consulting, customized development and integration services for both GIS and IT.  Now doing business as geographIT we serve governments, utilities and transportation industries, universities and private sector companies with a wide range of GIS and IT consulting, software development and support services.

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