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Acrow Participates at Society of American Military Engineers’ Peninsula Engineer Conference in South Korea

Parul Dubey on November 11, 2019 - in Events, News

Parsippany, New Jersey – Eugene Sobecki, Director, National Sales & Military Business and Steve Danner, Military Sales and Marketing Manager at Acrow Bridge, a leading international bridge engineering and supply company, were featured panelists at the Society of American Military Engineers’ (SAME) 2019 Peninsula Engineering Conference, a joint effort with the 8th Army Engineers. The event provided a collaborative forum for discussing engineering, design and construction in support of the Republic of Korea-U.S. Alliance, and took place October 23-24 at Camp Humphreys, South Korea.

The panel session “River Crossing Operations in Korea” took an extensive look at mobility across the restrictive terrain in Korea. Sobecki, Danner and co-panelists shared insights on the problems rivers present to military planners and maneuver bridge commanders, how units are adapting to these challenges and how the bridging industry can support the Alliance.

“Acrow Bridge has a long history of working with military and civilian partners in providing both temporary and permanent bridging,” said Danner. “In addition to ongoing deployment needs, Acrow’s modular steel structures are ideal for use in responding quickly to national emergencies, including natural disasters such as landslides, avalanches, earthquakes and floods.”

Eugene Sobecki, Director – National Sales and Military Business Development, added “Because of its unique attributes, the Acrow 700XS bridge system has been selected as a standard Line of Communication Bridge for logistical support by military organizations around the world. Using minimal equipment, our modular prefabricated steel components are easily assembled on site. Our bridges are engineered for Military Load Class (MLC) 120T/150W, including both wet and dry bridge applications.”

The Society of American Military Engineers leads collaborative efforts to identify and resolve national security infrastructure-related challenges. Founded in 1920, SAME unites public and private sector individuals and organizations from across the architecture, engineering, construction, environmental and facility management, cyber security, project planning, contracting and acquisition, and related disciplines in support of national security.


About Acrow Bridge

Acrow Bridge has been serving the transportation and construction industries for more than 60 years with a full line of modular steel bridging solutions for vehicle, rail, military and pedestrian use. Acrow’s extensive international presence includes its leadership in the development and implementation of bridge infrastructure projects in over 80 countries, covering Africa, Asia, the Americas, Europe and the Middle East. For more information, please visit www.acrow.com

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