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AASHTO Releases a Request for Proposals (RFP) for the Enhancement and Support of AASHTOWare Bridge Design & Rating

As reported by the AASHTO Journal: https://aashtojournal.org on October 29, 2019 - in Bridges, News, Transportation

A Request for Proposals (RFP) to solicit competitive proposals for professional services to complete the development and delivery of the first release of the planned modernized AASHTOWare Bridge Design-Rating system (BrDR 7.0) and to provide ongoing maintenance, support, and enhancements to the AASHTOWare Bridge Design-Rating products.

A project to deliver a modernized version of the AASHTOWare Bridge Design-Rating software was initiated in July 2016. The goals of the original BrDR modernization effort were to redesign the overall system architecture, update the analysis modules and the product’s user interface utilizing up-to-date development processes, tools, and programming languages. The BrDR Modernization Project was scoped to deliver the modernized analysis engine (completed and released in October 2018 as part BrDR 6.8.3), and the fully modernized BrDR software with the modernized user interface in a separate release, during a second phase of the project.

The user interface slated for delivery in phase two as part of BrDR 7.0, encompasses all of the bridge design, analysis and rating capabilities in the current product release, and will permit configuration options to meet the user’s needs and familiarity with the software.  Completion of the software envisioned as part of the modernization project (currently partially-developed) will represent delivery of the fully modernized BrDR system that will include both the modernized user interface, and the previously released modernized analysis engine. As stated, work on the fully modernized BrDR software that includes the updated user interface is partially complete. AASHTO estimated that design activities are 95% complete, development activities 70% complete, and software testing activities 10% complete.

AASHTO seeks a contractor to complete the remaining development tasks for phase two (BrDR 7.0), support the delivery of BrDR 7.0 to the end-user community, and provide maintenance, support, and enhancement services for the last two legacy versions of BrDR (6.8.3 and 6.8.4) as well as BrDR 7.0, once delivered.

Due to the confidential information disclosed in the RFP, a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) must be signed and emailed to Judy Skeen Tarwater at  [email protected] to obtain a copy of the RFP document.  For a copy of the Non-Disclosure Agreement, please click this link.

Please note, all proposals are due by November 25, 4:00 pm ET.  If you have any questions, please contact Judy Skeen Tarwater at [email protected].

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