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Specification Section: Water/Wastewater Guide 2019

Parul Dubey on October 28, 2019 - in Directory, specification section, Water Sensors and Software

The water sector (water and wastewater) is an important part of modern infrastructure worldwide. This brief listing is meant to showcase products and technology used and specified by civil and structural engineers.
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Bentley Systems – OpenFlows WaterOPS

OpenFlows WaterOPS is a complete predictive modeling solution for real-time water network operations, maintenance and forecasting. Extending the capabilities of SCADA with a calibrated hydraulic model, the application computes live network conditions, helping users achieve target optimization for events associated with a range of conditions from normal operation to pump outage, fire, leakage, pipe failures, and water quality and demand management. Access to a versatile, easy-to-use interface brings the live simulations out of the engineering group and into the hands of the operations department. Operators and operations engineers can instantaneously run multiple hydraulic scenarios that factor energy consumption, SCADA telemetry, demand history, and valve and pump control scenarios—all without the need for modeling expertise.

For additional information, visit www.bentley.com/WaterOPS.

Joel Johnson

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CivilGEO, Inc.

CivilGEO develops civil engineering and wastewater management software that efficiently speeds up an engineer’s work. Wastewater systems can be modeled and designed along with environmental data analysis, assessment and planning. Users typically save at least 50% of their engineering time using the advanced automation that the software provides. The software tightly integrates with Autodesk Civil 3D and Bentley MicroStation as well as ESRI’s ArcGIS and ArcMap. Free demonstration versions are available for trial.

Sara Presta

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Contech Engineered Solutions

Stormwater management is becoming ever more complex as regulations get stricter with each permit cycle. It’s no longer enough to simply move water away from a site—we are now often required to retain and treat it.

To succeed in this rapidly changing environment, you need a partner to help you navigate the complexities of local, state and federal regulations—who is responsive to your requests and provides innovative solutions that save your clients money and accelerate the design process.

In addition to stormwater expertise, Contech Engineered Solutions offers a wide range of innovative, flexible product solutions engineered to solve your site’s unique challenges and reduce long-term maintenance costs.

For more information on Contech’s product portfolio including: bridges, drainage, sanitary sewer, and stormwater management solutions, visit www.ContechES.com or telephone 800-338-1122.

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The SPiDER Scanner is the first wireless and color manhole inspection technology in a lightweight and compact form factor. The SPiDER is a scanner that can calculate its position in the manhole shaft by using its sensor data to measure its incremental motion instead of the payout cable. SPIDER weighs less than 30 pounds and can be hand carried to easements or other previously difficult-to-access sites. This wireless portability is possible because the processing computer and battery supply are built into the scanner.

SPIDER collects millions of three-dimensional (3D) measurements during each manhole inspection, so the manhole can be measured to less than 5 mm accuracy. The point cloud can be used to evaluate the structural changes in a manhole before and after rehab. The SPiDER also provides live-video stream and recorded MPG video, making it an ideal wireless tool for infiltration and inflow studies.

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Oldcastle Infrastructure

Oldcastle Infrastructure Stormwater encompasses a team of experienced stormwater management professionals specializing in developing solutions to meet the ever-changing regulations that protect our environment. We engineer and manufacture underground stormwater storage, treatment and conveyance solutions. Furthermore, we offer Low-Impact Development systems as well as rainwater harvesting solutions to meet the needs of any regulatory environment at our 50-plus company-owned plants located across the country. Our stormwater retention systems provide site-specific designs to comply with the EPA’s recommendations for mitigating the effects of stormwater runoff. Our stormwater treatment devices assist in meeting jurisdiction stormwater requirements. From the start of construction to the completion of any project, Oldcastle Stormwater offers a comprehensive approach to meet your total stormwater management needs.

Whitney West

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Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc.

ADS Septic Stack System from Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc. (ADS) is available in configurations of 9, 11 and 13 pipes. Septic Stack units allow for exceptional soil contact without the use of gravel. The Septic Stack units function as a trickle filter, dispersing effluent into the voids in and around the specially banded ADS pipe. This pipe is engineered with holes and slots, allowing it to collect and disperse the effluent as it passes over the corrugations in the pipe. ADS Septic Stack Systems are available for use in both residential and commercial applications in trench, bed and mound configurations as well as pressure dosing. For more information, visit our website at www.ads-pipe.com.
Tori Durliat

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AP/M Permaform

AP/M Permaform offers engineered solutions for the trenchless rehabilitation of badly deteriorated maintenance holes, catch basins, storm and sanitary sewer pipes, and similar underground structures with our Permacast and CentriPipe systems. 

Permacast, an engineered fine-aggregate cementitious liner and polymer coating system for maintenance hole rehabilitation, is centrifugally cast from a robotic applicator. A high-strength, corrosion-resistant liner is applied at the best thickness (½”-2”) for the condition, depth, traffic loading and groundwater pressure of the existing structure.

CentriPipe has proven to be very versatile and cost effective for 30” and larger CMP, RCP, and brick pipes of all configurations, including round, arched, elliptical, and box. CentriPipe materials, equipment, and application ensure high-quality structural, trenchless rehabilitation of storm and sanitary sewer pipes.

Joe Cherry

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Five Key Benefits of BIM for Plant Design

From urbanization to increased regulatory pressures, plant designers are being challenged to deliver better and safer facilities on time and on budget. The use of BIM workflows can help accelerate project setup, improve collaboration and cost management, minimize errors and omissions, and enable better design through visualization.

At its core, BIM is a collaboration framework that allows designers, engineers, architects, and contractors to come together around a “single version of the truth.”

Read the FREE eBook to learn about the top five reasons to adopt BIM for plants, discover BIM in action through case studies, and consider ways to get started.

Federico Contarini

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Badger Meter

Dynasonics TFX-500w Ultrasonic Clamp-on Flow Meter

The Dynasonics TFX-500w ultrasonic clamp-on flow meter from Badger Meter measures the flow of clean water in pipes 10 inches or smaller for a variety of water and wastewater applications, including water mains, reclaimed water and lift stations.

By clamping on the outside of the pipe, the TFX-500w meter installs without cutting or tapping the pipe while the system continues to operate.

The TFX-500w meter is available in sizes of ½ inch to 10 inches (15-250 mm) and handles flow ranges of 0.1 gal/min to 9,800 gal/min (44,700 l/min) and temperature ranges of -40° to 250° F (-40 to 121° C).

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ClockSpring NRI

ClockSpringNRI’s concrete solutions business features Concrete Cloth, a flexible, concrete-impregnated fabric that hardens on hydration to perform a thin, durable, waterproof and fire-resistant concrete layer; and GeoSpray, a spray-applied geopolymer liner that looks, feels and acts like cement but with the chemistry of an engineered stone.

Concrete Cloth, essentially concrete on a roll, is fast and easy to install; even in remote, hard-to-access locations, and requires minimal maintenance over the life of the project. Concrete cloth can be used as a protective barrier for storage tanks, berm and containment, culverts, and more.

GeoSpray is a high-performing, specialty cement spray used to rehabilitate pipe, culverts, manholes and even sewer rehabilitation. GeoSpray is stronger than Portland cement with a higher chemical resistance, is fast curing, won’t drip, and alleviates cold joints between layers.

John Hepfinger

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Cretex Specialty Products

PRO-RING is the most advanced concrete-alternative manhole and catchbasin grade adjustment system available anywhere. Available in round, square and rectangular, these rings are manufactured from Expanded Polypropylene (EPP), which is renowned for its exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, durability, chemical resistance and long service life under harsh conditions. One person can install the PRO-RING system in just minutes to within a quarter inch of finished grade, and they are watertight. Where concrete rings break and may cause injury, the PRO-RING system eliminates the hazard, helping minimize the risk of injury. A 6” PRO-RING weighs just 14 pounds and stands up to all kinds of physical abuse. The PRO-RING system dramatically speeds manhole installation and repair time. Manhole repair sites can be opened, repaired and closed in one day, reducing overall costs from 20% to 30%, based on conditions.

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Environment One Corporation

Pressure Sewer Systems

Pressure sewage collection systems were pioneered by Environment One. E/One Sewer systems have proven to be an effective method of sewering otherwise difficult land areas, such as flat, wet, rocky and hilly terrain at a fraction of the cost of gravity sewers. Pressure sewer mains need only to be buried just below the frost line, eliminating the need for the deep trenches often associated with gravity sewers. The small, flexible pipes are also resistant to I&I.

At the heart of an E/One Sewer is the grinder pump, developed by Environment One. These units accept household sanitary waste, grind it into a fine slurry, and pressurize it to permit transport through small-diameter pipes. E/One Sewer Systems serve over 1.5 million end users daily.

Chris Greco

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Environmental Dynamics International

Environmental Dynamics International (EDI) is a full-service organization offering turnkey municipal and industrial aeration systems for biological treatment, lagoon solutions, aftermarket parts for all brands, and field contract services for equipment installation and maintenance; with demonstrated success in more than 7,000 installations in over 100 countries worldwide. EDI’s unique set of capabilities, industry alliance, and expertise enables the company to offer Integrated System Solutions with diffusers, blowers, mixers, next-generation controls, and services.

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Location influences all aspects of managing water—from protecting a sustainable water supply to delivering safe, clean drinking water. Advanced mapping and spatial analytics reveal deeper insight into relationships and patterns, answer complex questions, and help users make informed decisions in both the office and the field. Empower your organization with the world’s most powerful mapping and analytics software: Esri’s ArcGIS. Standardize and improve daily processes between the office and the field. Share information with anyone, anywhere, anytime. Improve decision making. ArcGIS can transform your business, increasing efficiencies and saving money.

Christa Campbell

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The future of asset management is real-time. Info360 enables you to enact efficient rehabilitation and replacement initiatives that fit with your utility’s strategy with an up-to-date view of asset performance.

Never worry about disconnected data again: leverage AMI/AMR, SCADA, GIS, and other key datasets for advanced dashboards and analytics. This state-of-the-art technology empowers you to solve the operational challenges of distribution and collection networks.

Quickly identify leaks, overflows, and I&I before they become a problem. With Info360, you have an early warning system for operations.

When you’re making strategic and engineering decisions, such as capital investments, planning, and design, you rely on accurate modeling. Info360 is the only SCADA visualization package that integrates with your hydraulic modeling software. Learn more at: www.innovyze.com.

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Lystek International

Lystek International is a leading provider of Thermal Hydrolysis Process and service solutions for the sustainable management of biosolids and organics. The multi-purpose, award-winning Lystek THP system reduces costs, volumes and GHGs by converting wastewater treatment facilities into resource recovery centers. This is achieved by transforming organic waste streams into value-added products and services, such as LysteGro, a high-value, nutrient-rich biofertilizer, the patented LysteMize process for optimizing digester performance, reducing volumes and increasing biogas production; and LysteCarb, an alternative source of carbon for BNR systems.

Kevin Litwiller

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Medora Corporation

Medora Corporation combines innovative water-quality solutions with top-notch manufacturing and nationwide in-field service capabilities to create trusted, full-circle support their customers depend on.

“Medora” designs and manufactures GridBee, SolarBee, AerationPlus and ResidualHQ brand equipment for use across the water-quality spectrum. This includes THM removal, THM analysis, potable tank mixing, and disinfectant residual management for potable water applications. We also have energy savings, mixing and process improvement in wastewater applications as well as circulation solutions for cyanobacteria mitigation in lakes, reservoirs, and stormwater.

Medora has thousands of installations and is an industry leader solving reservoir water-quality problems the world over.

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Muscle Wall

Muscle Wall is an excellent flood, containment, and stormwater solution being used in wastewater treatment facilities across the country. Passaic Valley Sewerage Commission in New Jersey has Muscle Wall set up year-round, encompassing their entire facility in preparation for the next flood event. Muscle Wall can also be set up very rapidly for short-term protection of individual buildings and infrastructure. Muscle Wall is an extremely versatile product that has many non-flood applications when floodwater is not a threat. Visit www.musclewall.com for more information or call 435-213-9253 to connect with a Muscle Wall team member.

Tyler Searle

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Sprayroq develops and manufactures fast-curing structural and chemical-resistant polyurethane coatings for the rehabilitation and protection of underground infrastructure.

Our trenchless technology solutions extend asset life through corrosion control, abrasion resistance and structural reinforcement. For more than two decades, Sprayroq has provided structural rehabilitation and corrosion protection for water, wastewater and stormwater infrastructure worldwide.

Our technology provides for a quick, cost-effective way to deliver the finest products available in a highly controlled environment for optimal results. Sprayroq products are fast-curing, allowing assets to be returned to service within minutes after lining application. Furthermore, our linings are formulated to withstand the most punishing environments while maintaining maximum effective service life. Our core product, SprayWall, with its incredible structural properties, enhances the longevity of horizontal and vertical structures.

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