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BQE Software Offers Free Automatic Mileage Tracking to Core Users

Parul Dubey on September 26, 2019 - in News, Products, Technology

How would you like an extra $2,800 tax deduction at the end of the year?

For 2018 (filing your taxes in 2019), the IRS lets you deduct 54.5 cents per mile for business purposes. So, if you drive 100 miles a week for business, that’s a potential mileage deduction of more than $2,800!

However, to get that sweet tax deduction, you’ve got to keep proper records. 

According to the IRS, your mileage log must include, at a minimum, for every trip:


  • The time and date of travel
  • Your starting point and destination
  • A description of the business purpose for your travel 


Failure to keep a proper mileage log could result in an expensive tax bill if you’re audited and the IRS disallows your mileage deduction. That’s why the best thing to do is keep a contemporaneous mileage log — in other words, record your travel every time you take a business trip.

But the last thing most people think about as they get out of the car is tracking miles.

Rather than tediously logging trip details with pen and paper, or paying extra for a separate mileage tracking app, all Core users now get automatic mileage tracking in the Core iOS and Android app at no extra cost. The Core app automatically records all of a user’s trips and stores them in the app. The user can then choose which trips to upload as an expense record to Core. 

Once in Core, users can:

  • Filter trips by any time metric they choose
  • Convert trips into  billable or reimbursable expenses
  • Classify trips as personal or business


Make business life easy and let Core handle your business miles for taxes. Click here to learn more about Core mileage tracking. 



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