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GISi Announces Formation of a New Business Unit – GISi Indoors

Matt Ball on July 2, 2013 - in Corporate, Facility Management
GISi has officially launched GISi Indoors, a new business unit offering a suite of products and services designed to provide organizations and businesses with increased understanding of indoor people, places, and things. Just as GISi has been a leader in spatial solutions for more than twenty years, GISi Indoors will provide premier location technology solutions and consulting within buildings.As part of the initial GISi Indoors offering of products and services, a prototype application testing some of the cutting-edge technologies in the emerging indoor positioning marketplace will be available for download on Android through Google Play (gisiindoors.com/esri-uc-2013). GISi Indoors will be launching the app to attendees of the 2013 Esri International Users Conference taking place in San Diego July 8-12, 2013.

A few features of the GISi Indoors app conference attendees can explore:

  • Mapping: Conference floor mapping, including vendor booths
  • Search: Find by room name or booth number
  • Routing: Indoor turn by turn directions and indoor positioning using the phone
  • sensors and Wi-Fi triangulation
  • Analytics: Swing by the GISi booth to see where people are using the app (anonymous locations provided through opt-in setting).

To learn more about GISi Indoors, visit their website at gisiindoors.com. The GISi Indoors team is also active on Twitter (@GISiIndoors), Facebook (Facebook.com/GISIncIndoors), and Linkedin (linkedin.com/company/gisi-indoors).

Geographic Information Services, Inc. (GISi) is an award-winning location based technology and professional services firm headquartered in Birmingham, Ala., with offices throughout the United States. Since 1991 our team of GIS professionals has been using Geographic Information Systems to solve staffing, technology, and business needs in markets ranging from Federal, State and Local Governments to some of the largest public and privately held companies in the world. For more information on GISi please visit our website: www.gisinc.com.

Win Prizes: Prizes and coupons are sent to your phone while mingling in geo-
fences throughout the conference.

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