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See It, Now: Space-Time Insight Showcases Visual Analytics that Tap Into SAP

Matt Ball on May 16, 2012 - in Corporate, Energy

Space‐Time Insight, the leading provider of next‐generation situational intelligence solutions, today announced that its visual and geospatial analytics software has been integrated with the SAP HANA Platform, tapping into HANA’s powerful in-memory database to meet growing user demands for rich, real-time analysis of business and operational data. At SAP’s invitation, the combined solution will be demonstrated at the SAPPHIRE NOW and ASUG Annual Conference, May 14-16 in Orlando, Florida in the SAP HANA ecosystem and innovation test-drive pod in the database and technology campus (DT 228).

Space-Time Insight’s suite of situational intelligence solutions helps organizations with critical infrastructure derive business value from massive volumes of data and to anticipate and respond in real-time to events that impact critical infrastructure. Space-Time Insight federates and correlates real-time and historical business and operational data from multiple sources, and transforms it into intuitive visual and analytical displays from which users can make faster, more-informed decisions.

Space-Time Insight uses SAP HANA to acquire and process large volumes and wide varieties of data in real-time, dynamically introduce new KPIs without re-indexing, and execute native analytics scripts to filter data in and transform it into intuitive visual interfaces. The SAP HANA Platform dramatically improves the real-time performance of this functionality with in-memory software that allows large volumes of many types of data to be processed and queried at high speeds. This is especially advantageous for organizations with widely dispersed assets and resources — such as utilities, and oil and gas and transportation companies — that require up-to-the-second insights and need to dynamically traverse all aspects of their business, from executive down to plant level, to make quick decisions and respond rapidly to changing operational conditions.

At SAPPHIRE NOW, SAP and Space-Time Insight executives will be offering live demonstrations of the joint solution, highlighting how situational intelligence software can leverage an in-memory database to enhance asset performance and reliability, and to reduce risk and costs. The demonstration is also available online at the following link: http://bit.ly/Space-TimeInsight-HANADemo.

“Space-Time Insight’s situational intelligence software and the SAP HANA Platform are a powerful combination,” said Rob Schilling, CEO of Space-Time Insight. “Imagine being able to not only quickly identify the location and cause of a malfunctioning asset, but to also have visibility into the economic, risk, safety and service implications for all customers within a five-mile radius of that asset. By facilitating prompt remedial action with insights like these, Space-Time Insight is changing the way organizations utilize data to make critical decisions.”

Space-Time Insight’s software is deployed at some of the largest utilities and oil and gas companies in North America and around the world. The company’s Situational Intelligence Suite for Utilities includes comprehensive solutions for Smart Meters, Smart Grids, Assets and Renewables.

About Space-Time Insight
Space-Time Insight transforms vast quantities of disparate information into intuitive visual displays that businesses can use to make informed real-time decisions. From traditional transmission, communications and transportation networks to Smart Grids and Cities, our next-generation situational intelligence solution is making critical infrastructure smarter, safer and more reliable. With Space-Time Insight, enterprises can visualize and analyze their resources across location and time, rapidly respond to disruptions in service, and lower risk while increasing customer satisfaction and profitability. Major organizations around the world rely on our high performance software to gain actionable insights into their businesses and make real-time operational decisions. Space-Time Insight’s partners include Accenture, EMC, HCL, IBM, OSIsoft and SAP. Space-Time Insight is privately held and based in Fremont, CA. For more information, visit http://www.spacetimeinsight.com.

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