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Flexible, Adaptable, Strong, Easy to Work With, ACH Foam Technologies’ Molded Polystyrene Foam Is Unlike Anything Else

Parul Dubey on September 10, 2019 - in News, Products, Water

WESTMINSTER, Colo., Sept. 10, 2019 – It isn’t like any other material – extremely strong yet incredibly lightweight; large but easily moved; durable yet capable of being finely articulated down to the smallest crevice. Molded polystyrene foam from ACH Foam Technologies is being used by sculptors at PLAYTIME to create immersive, animated playscapes and climbable characters.

“We use artistry to create truly believable fairytale environments,” says Spencer Smith, a talented sculptor who spends his days transforming blocks of molded polystyrene into pirate ships, bridges, and butterflies. Though each piece is designed digitally, it takes craftsmanship, patience, and material familiarity to sculpt molded polystyrene into any conceivable configuration clients can imagine. “Each artist has their own techniques for sculpting the foam.”

Smith also appreciates for the versatility of molded polystyrene. Sculptors begin with blocks as large as 8’ x 4’ x 48”-thick, delivered by ACH Foam Technologies. Blocks are cut with a hot wire cutter to the maximum dimensions before designers work with a combination of saws, files, and other tools to create the piece. The completed pieces are covered with a proprietary blend of sealants to deliver a soft, thick, smooth, rubbery surface. Skilled painters, airbrush in the details that bring each character to life. Ironically, as soon as many of the largest creations like castles and ships are complete, they must be thoughtfully sectioned to be transported and reassembled at their destination.

ACH Foam Technologies’ molded polystyrene foam is used in everything from precisely shaped packaging for electronics, pharmaceuticals, and wine to an amazing array of construction applications. As an advanced cold chain shipping solution, molded polystyrene’s superior insulating properties allow controlled payloads to travel with thermal certainty. As a void-filler in industrial products, it encases fragile components in a lightweight, impact-resistant shell. It serves as the core in jet ski hulls and as shaped molded insulation in products such as RVs, spa covers, and garage doors.

Today, PLAYTIME’s creations are bringing joy to children and parents in shopping centers, hospitals, and restaurants on six continents around the world. Their product lines have expanded to include experiential play components like splash pads, water walks, floatables, and hanging elements among others. Whatever they are and wherever they play, at the heart of every PLAYTIME piece is a skilled team of artists and lightweight, flexible, easy to customize molded polystyrene from ACH Foam Technologies

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