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Leading Utility Partners with ScienceLogic to Improve Service Resiliency and Incident Automation

Parul Dubey on September 4, 2019 - in News

Reston, VA  – ScienceLogic, a leading provider of AI-driven monitoring solutions for multi-cloud management, today announced that one of Arizona’s largest utility providers, Salt River Project, has adopted the ScienceLogic SL1 platform. Salt River Project, like many enterprises today, are transitioning from outdated legacy platforms to next-generation AIOps systems that facilitate service-level views across a dynamic application and infrastructure environment.

Salt River Project serves approximately one million end-users across a service area that spans three counties, including most of the Phoenix Metropolitan area. To support that scale, Salt River Project relies on a complex network of IT infrastructure and applications to ensure comprehensive coverage at all times. The adoption of SL1, an AIOps automation engine, will allow Salt River Project to attain real-time visibility and greater situational awareness across its complex IT environment to provide more reliable service and increase customer satisfaction.

“As a Public Power Utility, Salt River Project acts in the best interest of our customers and our community.  IT plays a role in maintaining the reliability, resiliency, and performance of critical systems”, said Kevin Carlson, Senior Director, Information Technology Services at Salt River Project.  “Rather than being reactive to events, it is important for us to grow a platform that will transform monitoring to bring proactive insights, leveraging AIOps and machine learning. We believe ScienceLogic’s core capabilities and strategic vision will help us continue to innovate and deliver the quality of service our customers need and expect.”

Better incident response times require IT operations to continuously synchronize configuration management database (CMDB) with real-time information throughout the monitored environment, so the CMDB is accurate and up-to-date whenever changes occur. Salt River Project can now identify any inconsistencies across their environment for accurate and enriched problem management. Furthermore, SL1 enables Salt River Project to leverage its maintenance window for ticket automation, reducing false alerts and boosting the IT operations team’s productivity.

“Salt River Project operates at a vast scale, putting pressure on IT operations to keep up with the correspondingly high volume, variety, and velocity of service tickets. IT operations are tasked with maintaining infrastructure and ensuring critical business application performance, and must be able to automatically resolve incidents and maintain uptime for customers,” said Dave Link, founder and CEO of ScienceLogic. “To that end, it is critical that the CMDB is fed accurate and context-rich data to achieve true business service visibility and contextual insights in real-time. With SL1, Salt River Project can run operations more efficiently and effectively to significantly improve service quality and customer satisfaction.”

For more information on how ScienceLogic enables customers to see, contextualize, and act on IT operational data in real-time, please visit: https://sciencelogic.com/


About ScienceLogic

ScienceLogic is a leader in IT Operations Management, providing modern IT operations with actionable insights to predict and resolve problems faster in a digital, ephemeral world. Its solution sees everything across multi-cloud and distributed architectures, contextualizes data through relationship mapping, and acts on this insight through integration and automation. Trusted by thousands of organizations across the globe, ScienceLogic’s technology was designed for the rigorous security requirements of United States Department of Defense, proven for scale by the world’s largest service providers, and optimized for the needs of large enterprises. https://sciencelogic.com/

About Salt River Project
Salt River Project is a community-based, not-for-profit public power utility and the largest provider of electricity in the greater Phoenix Metropolitan Area, serving more than 1 million customers. Salt River Project is also the metropolitan area’s largest supplier of water, delivering about 800,000 acre-feet annually to municipal, urban and agricultural water users.

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