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Bahamas Becomes the First International Country to Embrace the 3 in 1 Roof System

Parul Dubey on July 31, 2019 - in Buildings, News, Structural components

Bahamas Industries and Construction Company Ltd (BICC) has been granted approval by The Ministry of Public Works of The Bahamian Government to utilize the world’s only INSULATING SOLAR TILES known as 3 IN 1 ROOF.

Patented in over 40 countries, this supreme SOLAR ROOF SYSTEM was requested for routine use by BICC subsequent to Bahamas Building Code (BBC) acceptance due to 3 IN 1 ROOF system’s unmatched high-wind and hurricane protection. 

Bahamas Building Control Officer, Mr. Brent Ferguson P.E. has recently validated the use of the 3 IN 1 ROOF under the islands’ Product Approval standard for 3-years providing strict installation guidelines as stipulated by the manufacturer are adhered to. 

The foresight of Mr. Ferguson, along with Bahamas Building Code Senior Structural Engineer Mr. Yuk Low, plus Senior Electrical Inspectors Mr. Strachan and Mr. Sands, are applauded by the entire International community for their actions to safeguard Property People and even Pets from severe storms that almost annually devastate the island nation.  

In addition to extreme weather protection, the 3 IN 1 ROOF generates 1 kW of power for every 100 sq.ft. as it simultaneously blocks solar gains from penetrating through the roof into the structure.  This not only results in significant thermal comfort within the living area, but eliminating solar gains enables battery storage directly beneath the slope roof deck which maximizes energy flow from the 3 IN 1 solar modules into the batteries.

When one considers incorporating Miami located Becnan Construction Services Inc., who repurposes retired steel shipping containers externally sprayed with insulating 3lb foam similar to the embodiment of the 3 IN 1 ROOF tile, the opportunity to vastly assemble affordable hurricane proof residence and business establishments that never lose power for all the island nations is nothing shy of outstanding!

With new developments for thousands of modest to large container dwellings all acting as mini power plants that will generate, store, transfer and share 99.99% reliable solar energy to a future infrastructure of sanitation/water filtration/ recycling facilities, along with new sewers/roads/street lights/car charging stations and more, it is easy to recognize the vision the BBC has for its country…a vital robust job economy and a high standard of living that most of us take for granted.

All this is exclusively brought to life because of the 3 IN 1 ROOF product.

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