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Trelleborg Demonstrates its Lateral Connection Repair and Main-to-House Systems at Weftec

Parul Dubey on July 18, 2019 - in Announcement, Events, News

Known for its best-in-class lateral lining, Lateral Connection Lining (LCR), Main-to-House (MTH) and patch repair pipe rehabilitation solutions, Trelleborg’s seals and profiles operation will showcase its technologies at WEFTEC.

This September, attendees of the 2019 WEFTEC show in Chicago, U.S., will be able to explore Trelleborg’s innovative range of pipe rehabilitation solutions at booth 119. Videos of demonstrations shot at the WWETT Show held in Indianapolis, U.S., in February this year illustrate Trelleborg’s lateral connection repair technology using transparent pipes. Visitors will be able to watch Trelleborg’s flexible packer and liners being put to the test, as they are maneuvered along vertical and lateral pipes, through challenging connections and 90-degree bends.

Mark Yanzo, National Sales Manager Trelleborg Pipe Repair, says: “We’re excited to provide technology that enables reliable and efficient watertight trenchless repair in a variety of sewer and storm infrastructure applications. Our solutions will be on show at WEFTEC and experts on hand to answer questions, as well as discuss specific applications.

The pipe repair solutions that will be on display at 2019 WEFTEC are perfectly designed to meet the challenges of complex lateral connection repairs, including for the section of the lateral line up to the property line or beyond:

  • The Trelleborg LCR-S system is an essential method and cost-saving tool to repair and permanently seal main/lateral interfaces and connections from the main line (DN 135 – DN 600) down into the lateral (DN 100 – DN 200)
  • The Trelleborg Main-to-House (MtH) system is a trenchless rehabilitation method for property drainage lines using cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) lining technology. It differs from the usual method of rehabilitation as it has a different lining direction, working from the main pipe to repair lateral connection pipes.
  • Drainpacker is a sectional or point repair method for all types of wastewater and sewer pipes. The system uses Trelleborg Silicate Resins and chemically resistant CRF+ glass fiber and has a tested service live of 50 plus years.

For more information go to www.trelleborg.com/pipe-seals

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