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The China Greentech Initiative Focuses on Low Carbon Eco Cities

Matt Ball on June 20, 2013 - in Planning, Projects, Smart Cities

The China Greentech Initiative (CGTI), a collaborative platform of Chinese and international organisations focused on deploying integrated greentech solutions to help China achieve its sustainability objectives, has recently published The China Greentech Report 2013: China at a Crossroads. Atkins’ sustainability experts played a leading role in developing the low carbon eco-cities section of the Report.

The Report finds that China’s current targets are not enough to address the nation’s growing environmental challenges and recommends a collaborative approach to integrated solutions to achieve desired results.

Mark Hewlett, Atkins’ project manager, said: “The Low Carbon Eco-Cities Vision and Roadmap set out in The China Greentech Report 2013 draws on Atkins’ extensive experience in eco-low carbon urban planning and design in China and around the world, reflecting our Future Proofing Cities initiative with an approach closely tailored for Chinese urban development. Effective integration of planning, building and infrastructure design in the early stages of urban development, increasingly recognised as critical to successful low carbon eco-city outcomes, is at the core of this approach.”

The Report asserts that China is at a crossroads, needing to move beyond targets and focus on tangible, measurable results in order to solve growing pollution challenges. Targets specified in the current 12th Five-Year Plan are being outpaced by the impact of rapid growth and urbanisation, despite China investing over $67 billion in green technologies during 2012, the largest amount in the world. China’s new leadership has repeatedly voiced both concern and commitment to change which, coupled with growing public concern, marks a historic opportunity for China to reverse environmental degradation while maintaining economic growth.

The Report concludes that an eight-point new approach is required to achieve results from China’s continuously increasing investment in green technology and emphasises collaboration among business and government to design and implement integrated solutions.

The Report can be downloaded at www.report.china-greentech.com. CGTI will present the key findings of the Report in New York City with China Institute on 20 June and in Chicago with the Chicago-China Resources Group on 10 July.

Atkins has very strong expertise in urban planning in China with more than 15 years experience via more than 800 projects, working with local governments and developers in most major and many smaller cities across the country. Our eco-low carbon urban planning work integrates our planning expertise with the company’s strengths in infrastructure engineering and building design.

Atkins’ masterplan for Meixi Lake in Changsha, China represents a sustainable city model and is positioned to be ‘the future centre of Hexi City’ with an expected population of 206,000 people. Currently in its implementation phase, the city embodies the spirit and objectives of an ecological city, maximising opportunities through transport infrastructure, promoting a development strategy of high density core areas, a new central business district as well as seven character districts.

Source: Atkins Global

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