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Leaving Sand Bags in the Past – Muscle Wall

Parul Dubey on June 27, 2019 - in News, Products, Water

Muscle Wall is a portable barrier primarily used to contain or divert water. However, our customers have found Muscle Wall to be a useful tool with many other applications as well. Some of which include:

& Many more…


​It sure does! Muscle Wall is able to withstand the immense force of rushing or standing water due to its patented toe design. The pressure of the water forces the toe downward, which overpowers the hydrostatic force of the water pushing against the wall.


The unique “L” shaped design of Muscle Wall enables each wall to nestle together with another in order to maximize shipping and storage space. Each wall has an extrusion on the top of the wall that snaps into place on the toe of the connecting wall. This system allows the walls to be securely stacked together.


The deployment of a custom liner completes the Muscle Wall system. Not only does the liner provide a water-tight seal, but it also strengthens the system by providing more surface area for the pressure of the water to push down on. We have connections with liner companies across the nation to be able to provide any type of liner for our customer’s needs.




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