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New Startup Bus Sharing Service To Replace Amtrak’s Hoosier State Line

Parul Dubey on June 4, 2019 - in Transportation

A new startup transportation service plans to offer discounted rides in place of the soon to be discontinued Amtrak Hoosier State line.

The technology-focused bussing company called OurBus allows riders to purchase tickets and track their route though a digital app.

Company founder Axel Hellman says the company will use a modernized system to offer rides to and from Indianapolis and Chicago.

“They’re operated by individual tour and charter bus companies, so they’re higher end busses than you would usually be able to book a ticket on,” Hellman says. “And then we make it seamless through schedule coordination, ticketing and customer service.”

Amtrak announced it would end its services after seeing a loss in state funding.

Hellman says the service will be faster and more efficient than the Amtrak line it’s replacing. OurBus also allows riders to determine permanent route stops based on online survey demand.

“If 100 people get together and they request the same site on our website, and it’s logistically feasible, if it’s close to the highway and it’s a lot of population there, we can make it happen,” he says.

Hellman say OurBus will offer routes at least once a day. Discounted tickets will be available for $10 upon their July 1 launch, then increase to $20-$35.

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