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New Geospatial and Transaction Advisory Services for Infrastructure Projects

Matt Ball on June 12, 2013 - in Corporate, Projects

SBL Corp, a global provider of Geographic Information and Applications, has partnered with Darashaw & Company Private Limited (Darashaw), one of the oldest and most respected brokerage, investment banking and Consultancy firms in India, to offer a complete Geospatial & Transaction Advisory Service for Infrastructure Projects. The partnership will bring together SBL’s multi-disciplinary teams of Geospatial Engineers and Darashaw’s Infrastructure Advisory & Renewable Energy Experts, to provide integrated solutions for infrastructure planning and delivery.

Founded in 1926, Darashaw has built up an enviable reputation for professionalism, integrity and success, with a client list to support this. The Consultancy Division is split into four core disciplines:Transactional Advisory Services; Energy & Environmental Services; Planning; Design EngineeringServices. For the latter, areas of specialism include: City Development Plans; Environmental Development Plans; Architectural & Master Planning; Tourism Advisory Services, Redevelopment, Rehabilitation and Socio-Economic Studies; Advice for Land Management and Development; Detailed Project Report for Water Supply, Sewerage, Storm Water Drain and Flood Management; Transport Infrastructure Planning; Energy Resource Development and Management.

Darashaw is one of the key stakeholders in India’s infrastructure finance community and known for itscontribution to financial markets through market expansion and innovation. Darashaw was presented with the IFR Asia 2006 award for contribution towards first perpetual bond issuance in India.

Darashaw also holds one of the chairs at the special committee of RBI on Urban Local Finances in India.

Infrastructure advisory services and fund raising for large infrastructure projects is another aspect of Darashaw’s wide-ranging financial solutions. In tackling many challenging core sector projects,Darashaw has acquired valuable and extensive experience, especially in Urban Infrastructure Projects, Airports, Highways / Road, Tourism, Water Supply, Solid Waste Management, Real Estate, Storm Water Drainage, Public Transport, Waterways, Agriculture market, Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency etc.

SBL Corp has quickly developed into a global provider of Geospatial Services, with offices in London, New York, Melbourne and Cochin. SBL’s role in the partnership is to provide project based geospatial data analysis and GIS applications support to Darashaw’s Business Consultants and Planning Engineers. Support activities will include: geospatial data processing and analysis; data capture and document management solutions; map digitisation and vectorisation; CAD and GIS file format conversion for BIM; cadastral, topographic and GIS mapping layers; photogrammetry from Aerial Photography or Satellite Imagery; LiDAR DEM, DTM & DSM creation; geospatial database building for asset classification; customised GIS applications; 3D Modelling; Business Process Support Services.

“We recognise that Geographic Information Management can be daunting and expensive due to the complexities of sourcing technology, staff and data. We also recognise that with the rise of initiatives like Building Information Modelling (BIM), as well as the explosion of location-based services, the use of geographic information is becoming central to the entire life cycle of and asset, not just the design and build phase. This exciting partnership will ensure that clients have access to the best informationand guidance at every stage of the project: from project proposal and funding all the way through to post-build facilities management,” commented Geoff Blissitt, Sales & Marketing Manager, SBL Europe.

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