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New York City Releases Climate Assessment and Adaptation Plan

Matt Ball on June 12, 2013 - in Planning, Projects

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg shared the city’s plan for adapting to climate change.
The Earth is warming. Atmospheric and oceanic temperatures are rising, and extensive scientific modeling predicts more dramatic increases into the future. As these trends accelerate, sea level will rise, and a more volatile climate with unpredictable precipitation patterns and more intense storms will be likely. In order to effectively anticipate and confront these climatic shifts, policy makers must begin to act now.

Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions must be rigorously identified and cataloged. Comprehensive plans for emissions reductions must be developed and implemented. And potential risks must be identified and addressed so that essential services can continue to be provided as the climate changes.

In recognition of this charge, the New York City Department of Environmental Protection (DEP or the Department), which is responsible for providing water supply, drainage, and wastewater management services to millions of New Yorkers, has developed a comprehensive Climate Change Program. Through this program, DEP works closely with leading scientists and engineers to project regional climate changes; assesses the impacts of a warming Earth on New York City’s water systems; and identifies opportunities for meaningful change.

Based on this work, and in accordance with PlaNYC, Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s plan for a sustainable City, DEP has begun to implement many programs that address global climate change and its projected impacts on New York City’s drinking water delivery, stormwater management and wastewater treatment systems.

The Report summarizes this substantial process of analysis and action and outlines a comprehensive adaptation strategy for DEP as it prepares for a warmer and more volatile future.

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