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Statement by ARTBA CEO Dave Bauer on Break-Up of White House Infrastructure Meeting

Parul Dubey on May 23, 2019 - in News, Transportation

WASHINGTON – American Road & Transportation Builders Association (ARTBA) President & CEO Dave Bauer released the following statement regarding the May 22 meeting on infrastructure between President Donald Trump, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer:

“Sadly, it appears political theatrics won the day. But, the breakdown of the talks does not change several fundamental truths about America’s transportation network. 

“There are 235,000 U.S. bridges in need of repair or major rehabilitation. The federal Highway Trust Fund remains in a world of financial hurt. When the current law expires in October 2020, there will be an $18 billion average annual shortfall between incoming trust fund revenues and what’s needed to maintain current federal highway and transit investment levels. Absent congressional action or a new revenue stream, states could face a 40 percent cut in investment starting in 2021.

“The heavy lift of writing new legislation always rested on congressional shoulders. We urge bipartisan members of the House and Senate to complete action in a timely manner on the big and bold transportation infrastructure investment package that the U.S. economy, motorists and business community deserve.”

Established in 1902, and with more than 8,000 public and private sector members, Washington, D.C.-based ARTBA advocates for strong investment in transportation infrastructure to meet the public and business community demand for safe and efficient travel.

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