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First Renewable Energy Smart Load Center Coming to Wilmington

Parul Dubey on May 17, 2019 - in News, Products, Technology

John Donoghue (L), President of Cape Fear Solar Systems purchasing the first ever Koolbridge SMART LOAD CENTER from Bill Griffin (R), President of Koolbridge Solar.


Cape Fear Solar Systems Buys First Ever SMART LOAD CENTER From Koolbridge Solar

WILMINGTON, NC  – Koolbridge Solar recently announced the first ever renewable energy SMART LOAD CENTER. The Koolbridge SMART LOAD CENTER is a one of a kind intelligent breaker box that pairs with solar panels, giving the ability to prioritize solar energy as the main source to power a home. It also minimizes reliance on the electrical grid and creates a method to truly harness the unlimited power from the sun.

Koolbridge Solar sold the very first renewable energy SMART LOAD CENTER to John Donoghue, President of Cape Fear Solar Systems, last month during their annual meeting. “We are thrilled to be the first solar installation company to offer the Koolbridge Smart Load Center. The SMART LOAD CENTER will give our customers more control and greater energy independence,” explains Donoghue.

Even when solar and grid power are both available, the intelligence built into the SMART LOAD CENTER gives preference for using someone’s own, self-generated solar power by switching as many breaker circuits to solar as it can at that time. Other features of the SMART LOAD CENTER include communication with electronic devices, peak demand control, real-time appliance power usage, battery technology agnostic, energy usage tracking, and programmable time-of-use operations.  Cape Fear Solar is currently the first solar installer with SMART LOAD CENTER technology. Once full production begins, the SMART LOAD CENTER will be available to other solar installers throughout the US.

 “Koolbridge Solar Inc. is pleased to announce the sale of our first SMART LOAD CENTER to Cape Fear Solar Systems in Wilmington, NC. The Cape Fear Solar team, as Koolbridge Solar advisors, has offered invaluable input specific to the functionality necessary to enhance the value proposition of the SMART LOAD CENTER in the residential marketplace. The product will be installed in an expanding alpha test to other resellers and homeowners to track the SMART LOAD CENTER’s capabilities in a live environment. The intelligence in the SMART LOAD CENTER has been programmed to reduce monthly energy costs for the homeowner for both solar and non-solar homes. We will be forever grateful to John Donoghue and his team for their continuing support of this important program,” said Bill Griffin, President and CEO of Koolbridge Solar.


About Cape Fear Solar Systems, LLC
Cape Fear Solar Systems is currently ranked as the number one installer in Southeastern, North Carolina by Solar Power World. Established in 2007, the company has designed and installed over 850 solar systems to date. Cape Fear Solar’s pride is in its team, providing the highest quality of craftsmanship, products, and material. Additionally, customers receive unlimited post-installation support. The company is the only SunPower Elite dealer in the region. SunPower solar panels are recognized globally as the most efficient, and therefore, the most power producing panels, used by


NASA and other intelligent organizations world-wide. Cape Fear Solar offers turnkey energy systems such as photovoltaic (solar electric) panels, battery backups, and Tesla charging stations for residential and commercial customers. To learn more about Cape Fear Solar visit www.CapeFearSolarSystems.com.

About Koolbridge Solar
Koolbridge Solar is producing the “Gateway to the Intelligent Home®”. It is the first company to design, develop and sell the next generation of Disruptive Innovative Energy Technology. These are energy management products that automatically select the most economical use of utility, solar, battery, wind or generator power for homes and businesses on a circuit-by-circuit basis. Koolbridge Solar has patented and patent-pending products under development that effectively capture, manage and distribute electrical energy throughout homes or businesses. Learn more at www.KoolbridgeSolar.com

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