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Paragon’s Client Event Welcomes Transport Professionals from the UK and Europe

Matt Ball on June 10, 2013 - in Corporate, Transportation

Transport professionals from the UK and Europe descended on the Heritage Motor Centre to attend Paragon’s client conference. The event, aimed at Paragon’s diverse customer base, attracted representatives from a wide range of companies who listened to presentations from the Paragon team about existing software features and forthcoming functionality. In addition special guest speaker Joe Simpson, author of Touching the Void, gave a gripping talk about his survival following a mountaineering accident in the Andes.

The event also provided an opportunity for visitors to meet colleagues doing similar transport planning and operations work for other companies across the UK and Europe. The event attracted representatives from a diverse range of industry sectors including retail, 3PL, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, building supplies, agriculture, waste and the utilities.

“It was fantastic that so many of our customers came along with people travelling from Croatia, Sweden, The Netherlands and France, as well as the length and breadth of the UK, to be with us on the day. It was encouraging to see so many new faces, and great to see so many familiar ones too,” comments William Salter, Paragon’s Managing Director. “The feedback that we have had so far indicates that everyone enjoyed the day, having learnt something new about what else they can get from the software they are using, what other support they can get from our team and what software developments are on the way. We thank everyone who took the time to join us,” he adds.

Visitors listened to a number of presentations about the latest developments in transport optimisation software including new map options for international users, how software features and outputs can support other departments such as customer service and logistics management, and a popular ‘hints and tips’ session helping users to discover useful new features and time-saving shortcuts. In a change to the normal formalised presentations the afternoon session included open workshops where attendees could talk face to face with Paragon’s experts and see hands on demonstrations.

Paragon Software Systems is a market leader in transport optimisation with over 2,300 routing and scheduling systems installed in more than 750 client sites in 45 countries. Paragon helps companies reduce transport costs by up to 20 per cent through more efficient deployment of vehicles and drivers. Headquartered in Dorking, UK and with US offices in Dallas, Paragon is a respected pioneer in routing and scheduling with over 30 years of know-how.

Paragon is employed by transport operations ranging from just 10 vehicles at a single site to hundreds of vehicles operating from several sites. The system is used for routing and scheduling optimisation; managing transport resources; strategic planning; scheduling home deliveries continuously as orders are being confirmed; and managing the execution of the transport plan in real time using vehicle tracking technology.

Paragon assists many leading companies with their logistics including ASDA, Royal Mail Group, Harrods, Sainsbury’s, AB Agri, CEVA Logistics, Wincanton, DHL Exel, Norbert Dentressangle, Linde, Fuller’s, John Lewis, Tesco, Martin-Brower, Raleigh and many others.

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