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Engineered Solutions: New NACE e-Course Provides for More than a Skilled Coatings Applicator Workforce

Parul Dubey on May 27, 2019 - in Articles, Feature, Featured, Showcase

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Protective coatings are the primary means and most widely used tool to protect assets against corrosion. Their importance has helped drive the evolution of the industry to a highly technical field that requires skilled personnel to perform quality surface preparation and protective coatings application.

NACE International, the corrosion society, recently introduced a new electronically delivered training course that helps ensure coatings applicators can perform work in accordance with the NACE No. 13/SSPC-ACS-1 standard, which sets the criteria for what it means to be a qualified employee who can meet contractors’ and employers’ needs for consistent, quality coatings work.

The Industrial Coating Application (ICA) e-Course is a four-module interactive, online learning experience designed to train individuals in safety, process control, surface preparation, and liquid coating application.

And while the course addresses the need to train a skilled workforce in industrial coatings application and fill the growing need for workers trained to NACE No. 13, it can benefit more than the individual applicator. Its electronic, modular format makes it ideal for anyone new to the coatings industry as well as safety directors, contractors, foremen, supervisors, and inspectors. Corporations wishing to tailor coatings learning experiences for their in-house employees will find it the perfect addition to their professional development programs.

Training Modules Benchmark Best Practices with an Emphasis on Safety Knowledge

Like its flagship training Coatings Inspector Program, which set the standard for inspections in the global protective coatings industry, NACE’s Industrial Coating Application (ICA) e-Course is a comprehensive curriculum. It provides a solid coatings foundation—underscored by proper safety practices—and will produce knowledgeable applicators who’ve learned a skillset for fieldwork.

Developed by industry experts with years of practical experience, ICA e-Course attendees learn applicator best practices through the following modules that can be taken together or independent of one another:

Module 1: Safety Codes, Practices & Standards

Learn general safety guidelines, whether you’re working in the field or shop environments. Get familiarized with recognized safe-work practices based on industry standards.

Module 2: Process Control

Understand the planning process, which includes written procedures used to maintain consistency and quality from job to job, needed for industrial coatings projects to be successful.

Module 3: Surface Preparation

Review surface preparation equipment, methods, and standards that will help ensure the coatings’ designed lifecycle is maximized.

Module 4: Liquid Coating Application

The proper application of industrial coatings is the key to any successful coatings project. The use of industrial coatings, types of coatings, the most common methods of applying industrial coatings, and the factors affecting application are presented.

There are no required prerequisites for the course. Upon completion of the exam at the end of each module, attendees will receive a certificate of completion and professional development hours (PDHs). Completion of all four modules will earn attendees 35-plus PDHs.

A Highly Interactive and Unique e-Learning Tool

Offered by NACE and in accordance with globally recognized standards NACE No. 13/SSPC-ACS-1, the Industrial Coating Application (ICA) e-Course is unique in that it was developed directly in response to what the coating industry wanted to see in an applicator certification and, by extension, training for certification. Using the most up-to-date technology and instructional design systems, the course:

• Features interactive videos, animations, and knowledge checks with drag and drop and multiple-choice, providing learners immediate feedback to gauge their progress.

• Teaches through real-life stories and mentor tips.

• Gives images, drawings, and graphics as well as a realistic look at the coatings application industry from safety best practices ranging from Respiratory and PPE to surface preparation and liquid coatings application.

• Provides engaging slides and downloadable resources that can be used on the job.

An Ideal Corporate Training Solution for Asset Owners

This NACE e-course helps to advance the skills of the individual contractor and benefits the industry at large. It’s also ideal for organizations that want to elevate coatings/application knowledge among their employees conveniently and cost effectively.

Available through an online subscription and at a special corporate rate, companies can bring the Industrial Coating Application (ICA) e-Course in-house. Its modular format allows for the creation of a most-customized training package. Companies can choose to purchase one, four, or a combination of modules, while employees can choose what topics they need to best meet their personal professional development goals. The course’s electronic format permits employee learning anytime, anywhere, and on-demand, eliminating time away from the office and travel expenses.

A corporate subscription to the Industrial Coating Application (ICA) e-Course can be used for a variety of training needs, including:

• Onboarding new hires

• Introduction to coatings and their application for any level of personnel

• Honing current coating skills

• Preparation or refresher for Coating Inspection Program (CIP) – Level 1 certification or Protective Coating Specialist courses

• Study guide for NACE Institute Certified Coatings Applicator (CCA) or SSPC Coating Application Specialist (CAS) Certification exams

Pricing per module and/or the complete course for individual use can be found at nace.org/ica. Corporate subscription pricing can be obtained by contacting the Course Development Project Manager at 281-228-6412.

Coatings e-Learning Solutions on Bridges, Math

As the association that equips society to protect people, assets, and the environment from the adverse effects of corrosion, NACE International offers training for every stage of one’s corrosion career.

NACE courses are developed and maintained by the best and most experienced corrosion professionals in the industry. Instructors possess decades of field experience. The NACE portfolio contains more than 12 online, self-study courses, and 28 instructor-led courses are offered in 36 countries.

Another recent addition to NACE’s interactive e-course line up is the Coating Inspector Program Bridge course. Offering specialized training related to coating inspection of bridges, the course focuses on how to inspect surface preparation and coating application of bridges as well as the role of the inspector in the quality-control process.

Included in this eight-hour short course is audio narration with transcripts plus on-demand viewing and bookmarking capabilities that enable learners to complete the course on their schedules. This course benefits certified Coating Inspectors seeking to expand their knowledge of coating inspection to the bridge industry. Other course candidates may include: quality assurance and program/project managers; DOT bridge engineers and inspectors; fabrication shop and coating contractor inspectors; bridge material and equipment suppliers’ asset maintenance managers; and coatings professionals.

A recommended supplement to the Industrial Coating Application (ICA) e-Course is the Math for the Coatings Professional e-Course. With this course, students can brush up on critical functions and calculations needed to succeed in the coatings industry. Available in both imperial and metric systems of measurement, it includes lessons on basic math principles such as exponents, fractions and algebra, and progresses toward more advanced coating calculations such as film thickness and theoretical coverage.

For additional details on either of these e-courses, pricing for individuals, and NACE member discounts, visit nace.org/education/courses-by-program. For corporate subscription pricing and bundling courses, contact the Course Development Project Manager at 281-228-6412.

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