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Stantec and Space Institute Research Corporation Evaluate Smart City Mobility Technologies

Parul Dubey on May 9, 2019 - in News, Transportation

NASHVILLE, TN NYSE, TSX: STN: Leading global design and engineering firm Stantec has partnered with the Space Institute Research Corporation (SIRC), an independent research and development organization at the University of Tennessee Space Institute (UTSI), to test Smart City Mobility technologies at the Connected and Autonomous Vehicle Technology Evaluation Center (CAVTEC). The CAVTEC mission focuses on testing and developing future-focused solutions to optimize existing vehicles and infrastructure for connected technology.

As part of the partnership’s launch, a field test of an edge computing environment, where computing power is integrated closer to the location it is needed, was recently conducted on the UTSI campus to recognize and respond to a Wrong Way Driver (WWD) event.

The test evaluated Infrastructure-to-Infrastructure (I2I) and Infrastructure-to-Vehicle (I2V) communications, as well as interoperability, data capture and overall accuracy related to WWD events. Three devices were tested separately and in combination to monitor a simulated ramp/lane configuration of highways and interstates driven by human-piloted vehicles. The edge computing environment test of WWD events will be captured, filtered, managed and transmitted by an advanced data network consisting of radar traffic sensors, cameras and edge computing devices.

The new alert technology has the potential to facilitate I2I communication and cloud-based data transfer, enabling a safe and reliable detection and response to a wrong way driver for the first time. The shortened response time to dangerous driving situations, once applied in real world situations, will help reduce accidents and road fatalities.

“This is the first in a series of planned tests to develop real-world connected infrastructure systems to enhance the safety and efficiency of our infrastructure network,” said Jeff Albee, Principal of Stantec’s Client Technology Services practice. “Smart City and Future Mobility initiatives aren’t always about replacing infrastructure – we have the power to enhance our existing infrastructure to serve our communities better.”

Stantec’s role in this test involved engineering design, development and technical assistance in installing test equipment, along with providing post-test data analysis and reporting. SIRC focused on test management, establishing road test conditions, configurations, and test analysis. Test equipment was donated by partners Cisco and Wavetronix.

“We are excited to collaborate with Stantec and their partners here at CAVTEC,” said Jim Jolliffe, President of SIRC. “The entire team worked seamlessly to develop a structured and well-documented test process that can be replicated for future research and test clients.”

Planned future testing on the site will expand to autonomous vehicles, watercraft and drones. Ultimately, SIRC aims to use the site to provide certification for smart mobility and infrastructure technologies through field testing at the CAVTEC facility.

“This test signifies the synergy of leveraging existing University of Tennessee infrastructure and test and evaluation expertise with leaders in smart mobility design and instrumentation,” said Dr. Mark Whorton, UTSI Executive Director. “This initial test sets the stage for increased collaboration with public and private partners.”

The Smart Cities Mobility Lab expands Stantec’s commitment to the development and strategic implementation of connected vehicle solutions to help communities improve and optimize transportation systems. Locally, Stantec is also supporting the Nashville Area Metropolitan Planning Organization, part of the Greater Nashville Regional Council, in a Regional Smart Mobility Assessment. The assessment will provide a long-range framework to help the transportation system prepare for and thrive in a multimodal environment where vehicles are connected, shared, and automated.

Stantec’s Smart Mobility practice is helping move our communities toward a future that is connected, electric, autonomous, and shared. Smart Mobility projects aim to reduce congestion, pollution, and cost, while increasing safety, equity, and transparency by leveraging breakthroughs in technology. Ranked among the top-10 International Design Firms in Transportation by Engineering News-Record, Stantec provides planning, engineering, and infrastructure management services that fit client needs and improve the overall transportation experience. To learn more, visit: stantec.com/transportation


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