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Clean Hydrogen Leader BoostBoxH2 Announces Results of Independent Testing Averaging 10% Diesel Fuel Savings Per Gallon and 70% Reduction in Emissions

Parul Dubey on May 6, 2019 - in Energy, News

Boulder, CO. – BoostBox H2, www.boostboxh2.com, a Boulder, CO based Clean Hydrogen Technology company whose BoostBoxH2 technology has been proven in independent testing to cut fuel costs and significantly reduce diesel emissions, today announced that it has partnered with Ethical Developments, PTE (www.ethicaldevelopments.com.au) with locations in Brisbane and Melbourne, Australia, for the distribution of the BoostBox H2 product line in Australia, New Zealand, The Philippines, South Korea and Israel.  This critical announcement also marks the company’s 5th anniversary!

The BoostBoxH2/Ethical Developments announcement comes on the heels of several major milestones for the company including the recent receipt of third party testing and performance verification from federal, state and academic testers, that are to be released shortly to the public.

“Being in a position to introduce Ethical Developments as our partner, with lead customer fleets of over 2,000 vehicles, to distribute our product in multiple countries is exactly where we want to be. These countries demonstrate a strong demand for fuel efficiency and a pressing need for emissions reductions,” said David Rechberger, CEO of BoostBoxH2. “And now we have validation from three independent sources of our fuel saving and emissions cutting claims. Together, the two will be a game changer for BoostBoxH2. Our technology will produce tremendous impacts not only for the over-the road-transportation market, but in stationary power, construction, marine and all other diesel engine applications.”

The BoostBoxH2 technology has been making a substantial impact with users since entering the marketplace. With an average fuel savings of 10% and an average reduction of 70% of NOx and PM emissions, no other technology readily available today can boast such results. The company estimates the Return On Investment (ROI) of the BoostBoxH2 to be between 12-16 months or sooner.

About BoostBoxH2

Founded in 2014, BoostBoxH2 is a clean energy technology company based in Boulder, CO.  Our leading edge solutions provide unmatched performance and efficiency gains in the operation of diesel engines. Owners and operators of diesel engines are under increased pressure to improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions.  Existing solutions for lowering emissions typically consist of post combustion filtration systems.  While those options do reduce emissions, they also decrease fuel efficiency, increase system wear, and significantly increase maintenance costs.  Additionally, there are often large down-times for filter system maintenance.  BoostBoxH2 solves these problems by providing a fuel cell based hydrogen-on-demand solution for the various diesel engine industries.  BoostBoxH2 clean technology adds a minute amount of hydrogen into the air intake of diesel engines. This hydrogen is used to more efficiently ignite and burn the available diesel fuel faster, creating a more complete consumption of the fuel.   The result is reduced emissions of greenhouse gases and particulates while simultaneously improving fuel efficiency and torque.

To view the “How It Works” video on the BoostBoxH2 technology, visit the BoostBoxH2 web site at www.boostboxh2.com.

About Ethical Developments, PTE:

Ethical Developments believes hydrogen, as an alternative to fossil fuels, will make a significant contribution to reducing greenhouse gases now, and well into the future.  The transport sector (cars, trucks, public transport, domestic flights and shipping) is Australia’s second largest source of greenhouse gas pollution.  According to the Climate Council of Australia, the transport sector emitted 102 million tons of carbon dioxide (Mt C02) in 2018, representing 18% of Australia’s annual greenhouse gas pollution.  Ethical Developments will deliver highly cost competitive production, storage and refueling options for the Australian and Asian markets, and by partnering with BoostBoxH2, we make a large step in this direction.

For all inquiries about BoostBoxH2, for more visuals and to speak with company officials, please contact Shep Doniger at BDCG at 561-637-5750 or [email protected].

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