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RigNet’s Intelie Delivers Machine Learning-Based Analytics for Advanced Fracturing Operations

Parul Dubey on April 22, 2019 - in Energy, Oil & Gas, Technology

HOUSTON – RigNet (NASDAQ: RNET), the leading provider of ultra-secure, intelligent networking solutions for distributed oil and gas operations, announced today that Intelie Live, RigNet’s machine learning-based analytics platform, is now broadly available to optimize pressure pumping operations.  RigNet’s premier customer for this solution is a large national oilfield services company that has signed a multi-year agreement that bundles Intelie Live with RigNet’s managed communication services.  

This is the first implementation of Intelie Live for hydraulic fracturing. Our customer is one of the first oilfield services company to utilize machine learning-based analytics in their pressure pumping operations. They are using Intelie’s analytics platform, Intelie Live, to enhance predictive maintenance for all their pressure pumping units, company-wide. This application has allowed this operator to further improve fracturing operations while increasing asset performance for the oil and gas companies they service. 

“We are excited about the proven results that come from the use of Intelie Live as a solution for frac operators,” said Ricardo Clemente, Vice President of Business Development for Oil and Gas for RigNet and Co-founder of Intelie. “Intelie Live, our industry-leading machine learning analytics platform, combined with our managed communications solution for frac operations, expands real-time analytics and results even further across the energy value chain.”

This new 3-year agreement is delivering actionable intelligence across their state of the art fracturing fleets on a highly-tuned communications service that optimizes machine learning.

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