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Atlanta Takes in Data to Improve City Sidewalks

Matt Ball on May 31, 2013 - in Sensors, Transportation

Georgia Tech professor Randall Guensler’s research team is outfitting wheelchairs with Toshiba tablets. Over the next few months, dozens of professors, students, and volunteers will push the devices across the city’s estimated 2,200 miles of sidewalks. Along the way, the tablets’ cameras will record more than 6,000 hours of footage, capturing every inch of public walkways.

“You can’t make public policy without data,” says Guensler. “You can’t do future planning without data. This makes it tenable for everybody.”

The painstaking process ultimately will provide Atlanta officials with a comprehensive map showing the condition of the city’s sidewalks that the general public will be able to access online. Guensler believes his team will save the city hours of costly labor and give construction workers a clear idea of the needed repairs.

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