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Energy Systems Integration Group (ESIG) recognizes excellence with annual awards

Parul Dubey on March 22, 2019 - in Awards, News

During its annual spring meeting, the Energy Systems Integration Group (ESIG), the leading source of global expertise for energy systems integration and operations, announced the winners of its 2019 Excellence Awards.


These awards recognize energy professionals from around the world for their contributions and accomplishments toward the planning and operation of energy systems across multiple pathways and geographical scales in ways that are reliable, economic and sustainable.


Mark Ahlstrom, president of ESIG’s Board of Directors, presented Excellence Awards to more than 40 individuals and honored two individuals with Lifetime Excellence Awards for their sustained contributions and dedication to the energy industry.

“Our power systems are rapidly transforming based on new technologies and the wishes of society. These award recipients exemplify the progressive and thoughtful efforts from our engineering and technical communities that support these exciting changes. ESIG honors their hard work and provides opportunities for others to learn and build on their outstanding accomplishments.”


The Lifetime Excellence Award was presented to:


John Simonelli, retired from ISO-NE – For major contributions during the past five years to the integration and recognition of essential reliability services from wind and solar plants. 

Will Kaul, retired from Great River Energy – For leadership in building the transmission that is critical to renewable energy, a cleaner grid, and the future of energy systems integration.

Excellence Awards recipients include:


For leadership and contributions to the NREL Seams study of the Eastern and Western interconnections

  • Aaron Bloom, NextEra Analytics
  • Josh Novacheck, NREL
  • Jim McCalley, Iowa State University
  • Armando Figueroa-Acevedo, MISO

For leadership and contributions to the Heating Sector Decarbonization Study

  • Goran Strbac, Imperial College London
  • Danny Pudjianto, Imperial College London

For contributions to international renewable energy standards development efforts

  • Bernie Ernst, Fraunhofer IEE
  • Chi Yongning, CEPRI
  • Jason MacDowell, GE
  • Jens Boemer, EPRI
  • Dan Brake, ARESCA
  • Sandy Butterfield, Boulder Wind Consulting
  • Jeroen van Dam, NREL
  • George Kelly, Consultant
  • Aidan Tuohy, EPRI


For contributions to advances in PV-battery peaking plants

  • Eran Mahrer, First Solar
  • Jill Freret, Arizona Public Service
  • Paul Denholm, NREL
  • Derek Stenclik, Telos Energy


For leadership in DER integration

  • Colton Ching, HECO
  • Rodney Chong, HECO
  • Lisa Giang, HECO

For advances in planning and analysis for low inertia grids

  • Julia Matevosjana, ERCOT
  • Fred Huang, ERCOT
  • Sebastian Achilles, GE
  • Matt Richwine, Telos Energy
  • Nick Miller, HickoryLedge
  • Jonathan O’Sullivan, EirGrid
  • Babak Badrzadeh, AEMO
  • Deepak Ramasubramanian, EPRI
  • Thibault Prevost, RTE
  • Helge Urdal, Urdal Power Solutions


For reliability improvements for interconnected PV generation through the IRPTF

  • Bob Cummings, NERC
  • Ryan Quint, NERC
  • Rich Bauer, NERC
  • Al Schriver, NextEra Energy
  • Jeff Billo, ERCOT


For contributions to the modeling of highly electrified futures

  • Geoff Blanford, EPRI
  • Trieu Mai, NREL


For leading the way in utility commitment to clean energy

  • Ben Fowke, Chairman, President, and CEO, Xcel Energy
  • Alice Jackson, President, Xcel Energy CO
  • Alan M. Oshima, President and CEO, HECO
  • David Bissell, President and CEO , Kauai Island Utility Cooperative


For more information or to become a member of ESIG, contact [email protected], or visit www.esig.energy.

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