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RigNet and CertifiedSafety Announce Partnership to offer SmartConnect Connected Worker IIoT Solution with the IntelieLive Data Analytics Platform

Parul Dubey on March 20, 2019 - in News, Products, Technology

LEAGUE CITY, Texas and HOUSTON – CertifiedSafety, a recognized industry leader in industrial safety operations support services, and RigNet, Inc. (NASDAQ: RNET), the leading provider of ultra-secure, intelligent networking solutions, today announced an agreement to introduce a new, state-of-the-art solution that integrates CertifiedSafety’s “SmartConnect” connected worker solution with RigNet’s IntelieLive platform.  This partnership  creates a packaged, digital solution that significantly enhances project safety, quality, and performance by combining real-time digital connected worker workforce visualization and monitoring capabilities with an advanced communications network and machine learning-based analytics platform.  The solution will be available for application across the energy value chain.

Workplace injuries and accidents cost U.S. employers nearly $60 Billion in productivity losses annually. According to McKinsey & Company, a leading global business consultancy, most large capital projects take 20% longer and cost 80% more than planned.  One primary reason the combined financial impact of productivity loss is so significant is the failure of facilities and project teams to engage digital workforce solutions that provide enhanced safety monitoring and deeper insight into the interdependent nature of safety and productivity performance.

CertifiedSafety’s SmartConnect and RigNet’s IntelieLive are designed for new and existing projects in industrial environments.  Together, they reduce safety-related risks and improve productivity, allowing users to deliver projects on time and on budget.  SmartConnect is a light infrastructure-connected worker solution which combines a patent pending asset location engine, intuitive user interface, and robust asset tags with bi-directional communication. The secure SmartConnect cloud-based software dynamically visualizes, prioritizes, and notifies project leadership of situational and workflow information.  Intelie, a RigNet company, is an award-winning, early pioneer in deep machine learning and planning optimization, and brings over 10 years’ experience providing real-time, predictive analytics for oil and gas clients.

“Our clients are challenged to consistently work safer and faster than ever before, within very tight budget and resource constraints,” CertifiedSafety’s CEO, Tony Spencer says, “We’ve worked with clients in the middle of major projects fighting to reclaim lost time to get back on schedule and on budget.  Late projects can have a negative impact of millions of dollars on their businesses.  The burden on project leadership is made more difficult because decision quality is only as good as the information available — and that information is often only as good as line of site.” 

SmartConnect provides a real-time, unbiased perspective into personnel actions and the interdependent nature of the project programs and processes that can affect those actions. The solution grants project teams enhanced visibility at the leading edge of day-to-day project execution  and enables the ability to proactively intervene when necessary. Combined with the machine-learning-based predictive analytics of IntelieLive, which can track thousands of interactions and activities in real-time, project teams will benefit from proactive alerts about potential risks as well as opportunities to improve worker productivity.

“By combining SmartConnect’s data visualization asset monitoring capabilities with IntelieLive’s machine learning-based predictive analytics, businesses with large capital projects will be able to identify and address potential safety and operational issues with greater accuracy, speed, and impact,” said RigNet Vice President of Products and Services, Edward Traupman. “Our AI technology is designed to integrate with and collect data from SmartConnect in order to help companies transform data into results.”

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