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Investment Potential in the Stockholm Region: €111 Billion

Parul Dubey on March 14, 2019 - in Financial, News

The planned construction projects within the Stockholm region show a total investment volume of €111 billion until the year 2040. According to Invest Stockholm’s report released today, the largest investment share is in housing, with an investment volume of €60,7 billion, followed by infrastructure investments in railway, subway and lightrail, with an investment volume of €9,6 billion.

The sum of planned investments in the Stockholm region is estimated to €111 billion. This is a steady increase since 2017, when the investments were worth €95 billion. In 2015, the investment potential was €83 billion. The region is not just growing, it’s growing faster than ever before.

“We’re the economic growth engine of the Nordic countries and one of the fastest growing regions in Europe. So if you are a global investor looking to cover the Nordics, Stockholm is the obvious choice,“ says Erik Krüger, acting CEO of Invest Stockholm.

With a rapid growth of people and businesses the need for new infrastructure, housing and workplaces is large. More than half of the total investments are in residential buildings, with the planned projects including more than 400 000 dwellings.

Construction projects are planned throughout the whole Stockholm region. While the largest chunk is in the regional center, Stockholm city, large parts of the infrastructure span from Stockholm to the outskirts of the region, and large development projects are planned in all of the larger cities.

The expected volume of construction over the coming years largely exceeds what can be accomplished with the existing regional working force. The Stockholm county alone will be in need of approximately 46 000 construction workers 
in mostly manual labour trades. 

The large volume of investment
s in construction projects and the shortage of labour force provide great opportunity for international investors and construction companies to enter the Stockholm region.

About the report
This report, commissioned by Invest Stockholm and written by Tyréns AB, summarises the most interesting/largest construction projects in the Stockholm region. The purpose is to measure the potential of the region in order to facilitate a market entry for investors and construction companies. The report is updated every two years.

Download the report here

About Invest Stockholm
Invest Stockholm is the official investment promotion agency of Stockholm. We work with the marketing and development of the Stockholm region as a business destination under the brand Stockholm – The Capital of Scandinavia. Invest Stockholm is a subsidiary of Stockholm Business Region, owned by the city of Stockholm.

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